BANGBANGBANG and We Love 2 Party lights up MCountdown (150604)

Trust BIGBANG to sell their songs in the lives – that was great stuff!

More video below the cut!

We Love 2 Party was such a cute stage and I can already tell it will be a fan favorite during the tour. (Denim-Bang is the cutest really.) I really hope they continue to promote the song as much as possible because the live is adorable. (And I admit, I was singing along from home…)

Bang Bang Bang is the banger it was meant to be. As in the past, I can’t wait for BB to grow into the song and make it even more fabulous as the weeks go by. Everyone was looking great (I can now justify that pink hair for artistic reasons), the stage was amazing, and I’m thankful that they did the first one on MCD where we are sure to have a ton of extra video and BTS goodies. (We’ll be updating as they come out.)

Rehearsal FancamsTaeyang Focus

Ch MPD “Fancams”

Bang Bang Bang Off the Record

Bang Bang Bang Full Version

Bang Bang Bang Focus Version

We Like 2 Party Fancam

4 thoughts on “BANGBANGBANG and We Love 2 Party lights up MCountdown (150604)”

  1. omg i am loving this two stages especially we like to party..the boys are having so much fun on stage and this song kinda remind me of old american songs in the 90s..slow jam with easy to sing along lyrics..

    the boys are firing up the stage with bang bang bang. the first time i heard the song it always get weird to me when it comes to the chorus but after watching it it slightly gets better. Probably after a few more performance the chorus will get stuck in my head..

    1. I’ve learned through the years to suspend judgement on BB songs until I’ve heard the live performances because they usually change my mind on songs. BB songs (especially those over the past 4 years) were really made to be experienced live I think.

  2. I could not wait for a live performance of Bang Bang Bang. After watching the MV I could only imagine what the live performance was going to be like and it did not disappoint for me. And I love how they are just having fun in the We Like 2 Party stage. The part with Seungri was just too cute.

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