BIGBANG counts down to “BANG BANG BANG” (150601)

Bigbang released the “A-series” set of singles from their 5 month roll-out of MADE. See the video for BANGBANGBANG which can only be described as being “BIGBANG.” The boys are gonna kill the lives.

More video from Naver Starcast below the cut.

The video for “We Love 2 Party” (SO full of 90’s throwback goodness) will be out on June 5.   (Meanwhile, get the A Series on iTunes or YesAsia and other on/offline stores.)

They did a live countdown to the release on Naver starcast, which was loads of cute and silly and fun.

Part 1

Part 2

This is hilarious! I loved this so much (the parts I could understand – heck, even the parts I didn’t.) We’re gonna post those subs as soon as it’s available. But in the meantime, this alone was worth the price of admission…

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