Taeyang interview at the Chanel Cruise Show (150504)

Fashion blogger gogoboi had a brief interview (in english!) with Taeyang for Chinese media arm tencent at the recent Chanel Cruise Show in Seoul.

See here for HD.

How cute was that?

Taeyang didn’t stay long at the show but has mentioned several times how impressed he was by the Korean elements that influenced the collection.   His post from the show:


The fashion press were out in full force that night and there was tons of media coverage of the event.  A few of my favorite shots:

Getty 1 YB The Cut YB W Mag Chanel Cruise

From W Korea and The Cut.  See more photos at allthingstaeyang.

3 thoughts on “Taeyang interview at the Chanel Cruise Show (150504)”

  1. That tweedy coat was certainly very Chanel and the red suits him but I’m still a bit iffy about his overall styling that night. I really love the rock band themed shirts and bomber jackets he’s been sporting throughout the Loser promo along with the brooches and pins so I can see why he chose the outfit though. (And I must say, he’s very committed to those jeans and that belt since he’s worn it all throughout the month. He certainly has favorites in his wardrobe.) Can’t wait to see how he switches things up in the summer – Summer is definitely Taeyang season.

    1. Since he bleached it again to more Pink Red or Pink Orange it looks more great than that Light Pink , he just needs to change the hair styles ^^ It’s started to grow in me

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