Taeyang for Grazia China (June 2015) – Photos and BTS Video

Grazia CN Cover

Ugh, these photos are amazing. The styling and poses really suit him.  He looks so handsome I can’t help but mourn that he had to go through another hair style change for the new BIGBANG song concepts in June .  I’m sure that it was an artistic choice to match the song, but… just look at what we’re missing.. (sob.)

Grazia CN1 Grazia CN2 Grazia CN3 Grazia CN4 Grazia CN5 Grazia CN6

Behind the scenes of the photoshoot:

Check here for HD video.

Thanks to SUN US and urthesun for the videos and photos!

2 thoughts on “Taeyang for Grazia China (June 2015) – Photos and BTS Video”

  1. Same here why he have to change this when i’m so deeply in love, at first i don’t like the part in the middle hair style but since he change it to slide back it looks so hot… not so fond of his pink hair T.T

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