It’s a triple crown on SBS Inkigayo for BIGBANG’s LOSER (150524)

I love the bronze and pewter tones of their stage and outfits! All the stages for Loser have been really pretty and it’s a fitting goodbye stage as they close out the official promo for the “M” series (with a triple crown to boot.) Can’t wait for the “A” series on June 1!

Looks like Taeyang is hiding a surprise under that beanie (and a little snippet hints at PINK hair omg, unless he’s trolling fans – which wouldn’t be unexpected either.)  Looks like a little spring fever may turn into summer madness…

Translations from @BIGBANGGisVIP
Taeyang: Due to the MV filming for our new song, 2 of our members couldn’t make it today. I will ask for your support for the new songs that will be coming out soon. Thank you so much.
Daesung: Thank you Inkigayo staffs for being understanding even though 2 of our members aren’t here.
Seungri: I love you VIPs~

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