LOSER Solo Clip: Taeyang

Man, these stories are really sad. Especially since we know how large a role Taeyang’s faith plays in his life, this is especially heartbreaking. For him to be so angry and to lose hope is probably the worst thing that can ever happen to him and is probably his greatest fear.

I find it interesting that he’s painted as a rebel here and yet you can see that many of the messages around him are so positive (and that he’s so close to his puppy.) It’s just so sad in the end that the despair wins over his hopes and natural sweetness…

Times like these are when it’s really appropriate to say: “Taeyang- (Keep on) Fighting!”

3 thoughts on “LOSER Solo Clip: Taeyang”

    1. Mostly on twitter haha. (That’s where most of the conversation has gone anyway.) It’s been easier to get quick updates that way and with all the fansites sharing news, YB news has been more accessible that way. (Which helps since there is so much more news when YB and BB are promoting.) But we’re still here to keep this archive going and luckily there are more YB fansites out there now collecting and sharing updates with everyone.

      1. I’m not active in twitter T.T i’m mostly on instagram, gosh i miss you guys comments about our boys >///< thank you for keep this site going ^^

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