BIGBANG are the winningest Losers on SBS Inkigayo (150517) .. with Taeyang’s adorable pre-birthday greeting

Bigbang looks super chic in white for their third outing on Inkigayo.

More below the cut

The stage set is a bit of a headscratcher as far as the “Loser” theme is concerned – is this supposed to be part of TOP’s dustcloth-covered house? But the boys are the stars anyway and turn in a good performance as always. Now that they are doing more choreography, I wish the cameras would take more wide shots so we can appreciate what they are doing as a group. I love that they are all staying in character even in their dancing: Taeyang is intense and despairing, GD is resigned and sad, TOP is angry and a bit lost, Daesung is hiding and Seungri is sad but still can’t help being charming haha.

Congrats for the win and hearts to Seungri for starting the birthday greeting for Taeyang. Taeyang’s shy gratefulness was the cutest thing ever. (His smile… aww. And he actually blushed haha)

Thanks so much to the uploader for sharing!

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