BIGBANG wins on MCountdown: LOSER, BaeBae (150514)


Loser and Winning Number 1

Congrats to BB for their win!

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Encore (Ch MPD)


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Candidate for No. 1

I really love Taeyang in that hoodie! (Actually I really like him in hoodies and jeans – it’s my default favorite outfit on him.)  Aside from that though, I really loved the Loser stage mostly because it really felt like a BB concert.  I always think BB gives the best performances when they are communicating with their fans and I thought this performance was more meaningful because it felt so “shared” with the VIPs. (Plus the stage set with the broken mirrors was inspired.)

I’m really loving MCD for what they are doing for BB and the fans this promo cycle (extra video footage, time for the encore, good stages and decent sound and camera work.) They really understand fans’ hearts lol.

Thanks to the uploaders for sharing!

More goodies from MCD:

Ch MPD Fancam and PlayMnet Rehearsal Cams

BaeBae Rehearsal (Taeyang Focus)

Loser Rehearsal  (Taeyang Focus)

BaeBae (Full version)

Loser (Full version)

Loser (Focus version)

One thought on “BIGBANG wins on MCountdown: LOSER, BaeBae (150514)”

  1. This particular Loser performance brought me to tears. It just felt more raw than usual and it felt like they were really having a conversation with the audience (and the audience was singing back.) I can imagine the difficulties and expense that goes into coming up with these elaborate stages, but bless YG and Mnet and Bigbang for going the extra mile.

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