BIGBANG on SBS Inkigayo: LOSER, BaeBae and a Mutizen (150510)


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What pretty stage sets! Inspite of such extravagance however, BIGBANG is still the most eyecatching element on stage and it’s great to see that both songs are doing well enough so they can continue to perform both even after last week’s comeback. Congratulations to Bigbang for both songs getting nominated and winning for LOSER! (BaeBae would have even come in second if not for its 19+ MV being disqualified for SNS points.)

I found Taeyang’s half-half jacket for the Loser stage interesting – definitely something that plays to his preference to be seen in profile, lol.

Winning #1

Translations from @BIGBANGGisVIP
YB: Thanks to all the fans that have waited for so long and thanks to Teddy hyung, producers, CEO Yang.. (thanks to) YG staffs as well. Thank u!
GD: Thank you, we will work hard.
Seungri: Thank you VIPs~!

Thanks so much to the uploaders

2 thoughts on “BIGBANG on SBS Inkigayo: LOSER, BaeBae and a Mutizen (150510)”

  1. I loved the stages and everyone looks so good! (That ending when they were in black shirts and jeans — whew! Can they just use that as actual performance outfits?) I’m just steamed that YG pays so much for nice stages only to have the camera work bring everything down. (Not to mention the repeated mistake on the LOSER song credits. Boo SBS! It was already called to your attention last week!)

  2. This week Loser stage is much better than last week (at least i can see each of the member faces clearly). The stage is just so beautiful and you can also hear the fans singing along clearly to the chorus of loser. And I just love those transparent staircase. As for bae bae, the stage is decorated with lots of colourful flowers, kinda fitted the song lyrics and each time when youngbae walks out, he looks sooooooooooo hot!!

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