BIGBANG is playful and all hugs on Mnet’s M!Countdown with Loser and BaeBae (150507)


Performances under the cut!

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Translation of interview highlights by @ShrimpLJY

GD : If you guys want, we will come back with new songs every month. Even if you don’t want, we will.
MC to SeungRi : I heard since you monitor BIGBANG’s stages so well, you are even called “director”
SeungRi : The point of LOSER is our TaeYang hyung’s voice sounds so good. Please expect it a lot
SR : *explains about Bae Bae stage*
TaeYang : *hugs SR all of a sudden*
SR : “Ok ok… I know…”
SR : TOP hyung ! Please say something
TOP : Ueeahh !!
GD : *laughs* *can’t hold his laughter”
MC : Tell us about the fashion, DaeSung
DS : ⊙.⊙;; !?!! *never expected he would answer a question*
DS: The fashion point is hiding my eyes, but my eyes are covered too much. I can’t see what’s ahead of me.  I even fell down.
MC : It’s good to see your eyes.
DS : Yes, I will open my eyes wide today.

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That performance of BaeBae made me laugh out loud and Loser made me shed an actual tear. Trust them to get you in the feels!

And all of them look amazing! Aside from just looking good, they have a relaxed confidence and playful manner that’s just so natural and attractive. They’re still silly boys but it feels like the kind of playing around they would do with friends rather than for TV. I guess it’s the benefit of growing old together with fans? Whatever it is, it’s heartwarming to see.

Thanks so much to the uploaders!


Taeyang focus MultiAngle “fancams”

Behind the Scenes Pre-recording and MPD Fancam

3 thoughts on “BIGBANG is playful and all hugs on Mnet’s M!Countdown with Loser and BaeBae (150507)”

  1. I’ve got to hand it to Mnet – they really worked to give BB a good comeback and it shows! Congrats to them and I hope all the music shows take notes.

    Seriously, YB sounds so good. I’m enjoying their performances so much it’s crazy… And they look so HAPPY. That’s one of the best aspects of all of this.

  2. I missed the days when they had BIG BANG TV! That little snippet reminded me of why I miss seeing them on variety or TV shows in general.

    I’m really surprised by the set of Bae Bae – wow – that’s some effort put in there!

  3. I lik everything in these performance except for one thing. If Yb was dressed in thr black outfit that he wore on sbs bae bae performance, then it would be perfect..he looks so sexy in black

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