BIGBANG performs LOSER and BAEBAE on SBS Inkigayo (150503)

Performing the 2 hit songs from the “M series” of their MADE comeback, BIGBANG thrilled fans with two very different and equally excellent stages.

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“Loser” tugged at the heartstrings as an anthem to anyone who ever felt down and out. The “BaeBae” performance was every bit as cheeky as the clever MV and seems destined to become a fan favorite. It’s a strong start to what looks to be a fun promo cycle and I am sure they have a lot more surprises in store.

Though I’m a broken record on this issue, when is SBS going to clean up their act and improve the spastic camera work on this show? It’s beyond embarrassing that they’ve let it go for so long. It’s especially irritating when all the movement can’t let the viewer properly appreciate how awesome everyone looks or even the simple choreography of the songs.  The SBS team just has to chill a bit and make it about showing off the performers and not their over-caffeinated editing team.


Translations from @ShrimpLJY
MC: We heard you will be special MC for inkigayo next week?
GD: Yes we don’t know who it will be but DaeSung is good at it
TaeYang : Then, let’s play the rock-paper-scissors here right now to decide which one will be the special MC !
GD : DaeSung and SeungRi want to be the special MC.
★ DaeSung won the rock-paper-scissors
GD : Please check (who will be special MC) next week!
TOP : We release new songs on 1st every month

Thanks to the uploaders!


3 thoughts on “BIGBANG performs LOSER and BAEBAE on SBS Inkigayo (150503)”

  1. Loved both performances and really, it felt like everything ended way too soon. It’s so refreshing to see Bigbang on these music shows again – their unique style is such a standout. There’s just a certain energy with their stages that I don’t see with many artists (within and outside of Kpop) and I can understand why each stage feels like such an event.

    And it has to be said, Taeyang just looks AMAZING. Ugh. He just gets better with age.

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