BIGBANG is back! With two MVs that couldn’t have been more different and each so powerful in their own way.

YG released 2 videos for each of the singles to be promoted this May (a strategy that they will keep up for the next 4 months culminating with a full album of entirely new songs in September.)


More below the cut

This video seems tremendously personal as it seems to go into the fears and vulnerabilities of each of the members. Taeyang is the very picture of despair as even his strong Christian beliefs are shaken to the core. It’s clearly an emotional song and video and seems to hit very close to home.


Such a silly and interesting video. Are they supposed to be fantasy characters? (In that case, YB is clearly from a dimestore romance novel cover?) Funny and weird, who would have thought they could go even crazier than Fantastic Baby…

Check out the songs on iTunes or YesAsia.

English translations of the lyrics via Pop!Gasa: Loser & BaeBae

5 thoughts on “BIGBANG release LOSER and BAEBAE”

  1. BB is killing it with these two songs and the videos are both provocative and well done. I LOVE Loser and will probably be playing it endlessly. BaeBae’s MV requires a lot more viewings to figure out what is going on lol.

  2. Lets just pray that the long hair on YB in this video stays a fantasy and never happens for real.

  3. Ohh, I’m so late into the coming back on ATY! I had the same thoughts, BM. YB’s part in Bae Bae had me going “was this derived from some romantic novel cover or something”, haha.

    I luuurrv LOSER, still getting used to Bae Bae though.

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