‘Eyes Nose Lips’ nominated for R&B Song of the Year at 12th Korean Music Awards.

KMA ENL Nomination

List of 12th Korean Music Awards Nominees for the R&B & Soul Song of the Year:

Crush – “Hug” (feat. Gaeko)

Zion.T – “양화대교

Jay Park – “올라타’” [Ride Me]

Alshain – “Start in You (feat Jinbo)”

Taeyang – “눈,코,입” (Eyes, Nose, Lips)

KMA RNB Song Nominees.jpg

This brings Taeyang’s total nominations to 5 (he was a 2 time nominee for both R&B Song of the Year and Album of the year for his past solo efforts with HOT and SOLAR, with 2 awards won for 2008 and a Netizen’s Choice Artist award in 2010.) Such an honor to be nominated again and such a tremendous validation from the industry! Congratulations!

The 12th Korean Music Awards is awarded by a judging panel of 67 members composed of music industry professionals (mostly professional music critics and radio/broadcast PDs.) The awards cover songs and albums released from December 1, 2013 to November 30, 2014 for the following genres: Modern Rock, Pop, Dance& Electronic, HipHop, R&B/Soul, Folk, Jazz & Crossover. Awards are based on music quality and sales are not considered (therefore being closer to the Grammy Awards than say, Billboard Awards.) Apart from genre awards in each category, major awards are given to the Album, Song, Artist and Rookie of the year. In addition, fans may vote any of the nominated artists for Netizens Choice awards for Male, Female and Group artists. (Daum account holders can vote for Taeyang here.)

Winners will be announced on February 26.

Check indiefulrok for full list of nominees or http://koreanmusicawards.com/2015/ .

Update: Congratulations to Zion T.  for winning R&B Song of the Year for “양화대교“ !

3 thoughts on “‘Eyes Nose Lips’ nominated for R&B Song of the Year at 12th Korean Music Awards.”

  1. Congrats Youngbae! What an honor. This is the award I look forward to every year especially when Youngbae puts an album out. I’m glad he’s still appreciated by this body of judges. While this album was the most commercial of his albums, I’m glad that his artistry is still recognize. I hope YB can take this as encouragement to keep pushing for music that fits with is vision and sensibilities, while maintaining balance with what will satisfy YG. I knew he struggled with this at the beginning, but with each album is a another lesson learned. All the best!

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