Taeyang at the 29th Golden Disc Awards in Beijing (150114)

The Music Industry Association of Korea held its 29th Golden Disc Awards in Beijing over two days on January 14-15.  Taeyang was a performer and won a Digital Bonsang and Digital Single of the Year on the first day.

Red Carpet and Opening

More video below the cut

Winning Bonsang Award (JTBC Broadcast)

“Xie xie, Beijing! I am so glad that I can start 2015 with this great award. It’s been such a happy year for me because so many people loved my album released in 2014. And the only way I can repay you for all this love and support is with great music and great performances, I believe. This year, Big Bang, all five of us, are getting ready to make a great comeback. Please look forward to our comeback. I will continue to sing as best as I can this year.”  (Translation from pgeorgie)

Epik High’s RICH (JTBC Broadcast)

Ringa Linga and Eyes, Nose, Lips (JTBC Broadcast)

Winning Digital Single of the Year

YB: Actually, last year has been, my album was released last year and so many people showed love and support, and it’s been such a happy year for me, and now the new year is here and I am so grateful that you keep showing love, and, I don’t know, well… so many people worked so hard on this album, members of the staff, the producers, and Chairman Yang, thank you all, and, thank you so much, VIPs. Thank you!

MCs: Could you say something in Chinese…? You sounded pretty good before… For the Chinese fans, please..?

YB: Well, I practiced just a tiny bit… really simple phrases… Xie xie, Beijing, wo ai nimen, chi fan le ma? (Thank you, Beijing, I love you. Did you eat?)

YB: Well, it’s late so…

MC: You obviously did not expect to win this award…

YB: Not at all.

MC: If you had, you would have prepared something you could say more fluently.

YB: Please keep showing your love and support in 2015. Thank you!

(Translation from pgeorgie)


I LOVED his styling for this entire show… every outfit suited him and he looked great. The performances were good too – pity that the show was so difficult to stream and that the sound engineering was so poor. All the live performances struggled with the microphones. (Hope this isn’t going to be an issue with his coming China concerts on the RISE tour.)  But nothing could hide Taeyang’s obvious happiness  – a Digital Daesang and a MAMA Daesang in the same year is definitely an achievement to be proud of. So happy for our boy!


Did you think that this would be it when you first heard this song?

YB: Actually, I felt really lost when I thought I finished the album. I was eager to get it released but it kept getting delayed. Then (I heard this song and) it matched perfectly how I felt at the time. I knew it the instant I heard the piano intro to the song.

You wrote the lyrics yourself. Do you have a special someone whose “eyes, nose and lips” you cannot forget?

YB: Just as in the lyrics, I was really sad at the time. At the time, I wrote pages after pages that showed my pain I was going through after a breakup.

Read the rest at http://taeyangrules.blogspot.kr/2015/01/trans-exclusive-interview-taeyang-big.html

8 thoughts on “Taeyang at the 29th Golden Disc Awards in Beijing (150114)”

    1. Thanks Georgie! (Hugs) I’m so glad to see your blog again (I was heartbroken when the old one went dead…)

      I’m over the moon. Even though I’d be proud of him regardless of any award, I can’t deny that having both MAMA and GDA Daesangs are amazing. Plus so much collabs with Epik High… its like all those things we hoped for back in 2008 are coming true one by one…

  1. Thank you for the interview translation! What will I do if this wonderful site doesn’t exist 😘 and Bae always so thoughtful on his answers 😍

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