Taeyang pays Tablo and Haru a visit on Superman is Back – Part 2 (141214)

See Part 1 here.

or check the Full subbed episode from KBS world  (Taeyang’s part starts at 9:48)

Full Taeyang cut:
Password : 141214

Live translations from @Huisuyoon on Twitter.

Thanks so much for the uploads and translations!

From last week:  Taeyang and Haru going to buy icecream.

Haru: It’s dark.
TY: It’s alright, we have.. *a unicorn doll
Haru: Oh, We have a flash light!!
TY: Ye.. yes. The flash light.

Haru: *runs
TY: Oh you shouldn’t run at night.
Haru: What’s this sound?
TY: The sound of falling leaves..?

Haru: Then what’s this tree?
TY: I.. don’t know. It’s a maple tree.
Haru: maple tree?

Haru: Oh my shoelaces…
TY: I’ll tie it for you.

Tablo: I think this is why people say that it’s good to have a boy as the oldest child. Let’s say my oldest boy is…
Tukutz: TY?
Tablo: Right. One of BIGBANG members.
Tukutz: …and Haru as the youngest? Then why do we work? [T/N: Meaning, because the kids are rich]
Tablo: You really should think like that? lol
Tukutz: Yeah…!

Haru: We should follow this blue light.
TY: Follow the blue light?
Haru: Yeah, then we’ll see it.

TY: Haru, you said this store has many kinds?
Haru: this..
TY: *picking out for her* This one, you want?
Haru: yeah

TY: holding her hand* Let’s go
Haru: Let’s! go!
TY: Let’s! go! Haru, you go to supermarket a lot?
Haru: yeah.

In the elevator
Haru: we’ll go up.
TY: Yeah we’re going up.
Haru: you should push this button when you visit again.
TY: Can I come again to see you?
Haru: YEAH!
TY: Can I come often?
TY: Haru, do you like me?
Haru: Yeah! TY: How much?
Haru: This much!

Tablo: Thank you for having a date w/ my daughter. I’m glad that my daughter’s first date was Taeyang.

Tablo: Haru, Do you know the Bigbang members? Taeyang.. and…
Haru: Uncle fish.. *she meant DAESUNG* and.. dad?
Tablo: Sadly, I’m not in Bigbang.

Haru: Uncle Tukutz?
Tukutz: Yeah, I’m one of the Bigbang members.
Tablo: Who? him? he’s not Bigbang, he’s Epik High.
Tukutz: I am Bigbang.

Tablo: Don’t be surprised. *showing BB&2NE1 Lollipop poster*
TY: When is this…..
Haru points TY in the poster at once*
Tablo: When is this?
Tukutz: 2007!
Tablo: Taeyang you haven’t changed at all!

Tablo: TOP has changed a lot.
LOL Haru laughs*
TY: It’s funny right? LOL
Tablo: Why has he changed so much LOL

Tablo: Who’s your favorite?
Haru points at TY in the poster*
Tablo: How about GD?
Haru: ….Where… Where is mommy?

Tukutz: “Shout Out to the World”… What is this LOL. BIGBANG released a book? LOL Let’s see…
You said here, “I want to be a burning sun, that’s why I’m burning myself right now.” LOLOL WOW YOU’RE COOL!

Haru: Why do you want to burn? LAUGHS*
Haru: If it’s burnt out, that’s a meat.. you should throw it away.
TY: I think even Haru thinks that’s funny. She keeps asking why do I want to burn…. LOL
Tukutz: I’ve said something like that in the past.
TY: You said it not long ago! “Folding(means giving up) your dream…”
Tablo: LOLOL
TY: you said, “Folding (giving up) your dream… you should fold it as an airplane.”
Tablo: I was so shocked then LOLOL
Tukutz: Taeyang, are you my fan or something? How can you memorize that?!!

video call*
Tukutz’s wife: Yoonwoo had milk and….
Tukutz *showing TY w/ phone
wife: *sudden high voice* OHH HELLO!
TY: Hello~

Tablo: Say bye to Uncle Taeyang, Haru.
TY: Bye Haru!
Haru: come again!
TY: I will; we should have something delicious again.

*goes to elevator


4 thoughts on “Taeyang pays Tablo and Haru a visit on Superman is Back – Part 2 (141214)”

  1. Aaaaa….I’m dying of their adorb!!! Haru’s first date is Taeyang LOLL…an amazing experience to memorize in her future ^ ^

  2. Thanks for sharing! I still have that book!!! And that poster!!! Brings back memories… Kinda surprised to see that Tablo kept one, though. Didn’t realize it before but in this episode YB looks very tired. Hope he’s not overtiring himself, doing the dome shows in Japan, promoting “Good Boy” in Korea and attending and performing at award shows. Gosh, that’s the thing about YB – he makes you care so damn much!!!

  3. Youngbae, you are welcome to be my baby-daddy anytime. 😛 I love this show and watch it quite religiously and I don’t think I’ve ever seen Haru so shy and girly around someone as she was with Taeyang except for maybe with G-Dragon. Even then, her shyness, but also her affection for Taeyang is really sweet. I’d imagine she would be more comfortable with him by now because he and Tablo are close, but I guess not.

    The elevator ride was too precious. Rewatched it so many times.

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