GD x Taeyang release Good Boy Dance Practice Video

I’ve always thought that Bigbang’s music is best experienced live and Good Boy is a prime example of that. BB’s live performances always draw you in to participate and the enthusiastic fans are a key part of what makes their concerts great.  In this particular case, the best way to enjoy Good Boy is just to give into the beat and get up and dance!

I thought the choreo was especially effective because there’s a great build up to when the beat drops and then you see the boys dancing in synch. (And honestly, after watching a few times, I find myself dancing along with them. The choreo is so fun to do! ) Hoping to see a lot of Good Boy dance covers on youtube now that the full dance practice has been released. (Wouldn’t this be a cool flash mob song?)


5 thoughts on “GD x Taeyang release Good Boy Dance Practice Video”

  1. I love YB’s facial expressions throughout the dance and how he and GD were having fun with it. (And he looks even more like a kid all bundled up like that….) It’s really a talent of theirs that they can go from all the swag of the MAMA performance and look like cute kids here…

  2. i love how they both make it look so effortless ( but i failed so hard when i attempted. NEVER AGAIN.) and fun! I know YB’s a great dancer but GD impresses me just as much this time prolly cuz he’s giving more since the rookie days 😛

    I am amazed and still don’t understand how they can be so in sync with one another I mean this is one of Big Bang’s major weakness we are talking about when it comes to dancing xD

    Anyway hope y’all enjoy the dance practice! 😀


  3. I think Yb is one of the best dancer out of Korea.My friends and I say he could give dance King Chris Brown a run for his money to us.Jiyong impress me and should dance more you can see he love doing it.

  4. Both of them make this choreo look so easy when it’s not and how in synch are they!? Tried to dance to this, and failed miserably,hahahahah~ I usually enjoy seeing dance practice versions of MVs YG labelled or not. For Good Boy, I love everything about it, but especially the bouncing part?? I fail at describing things accurately, near the beginning, they look like such kids bouncing around like that haha!

    I love YB’s expressions when he was doing this, but I’m also in love with GD here too, he was very chill throughout the whole thing and then you see moments of dorkiness, lol

  5. Watching this video makes me wish that I could dance cause this really is a good routine. I unfortunately lack the coordination and ability to even attempt to pull this off. And I completely agree, GD and YB make this look so effortless. And even in the dance practice you can see the chemistry they have with each other.

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