Taeyang pays Tablo and Haru a visit on Superman is Back (141207)

Tablo : Haru is so shy now. Actually, she opens the door for those who visit home, but she asked me to do that today. [via @ShrimpLJY]

Tablo: Taeyang LOVES Haru. He always asks me about Haru, seems to be really happy being with her. I asked him to join us for dinner.

Official KBS World
(Full subbed episode. Taeyang’s cut  starts at 45min:07 sec until 53m:15s)

Taeyang cut
Password: 141207

More live translations below the cut

Taeyang: Haru- Hi!
Haru: *shy
Taeyang: Haru, did you spend a good “haru”? [*Haru means “a day” in Korean]

Taeyang: Haru, I brought you a gift. I bought it having heard that this is what you like. I’ll unwrap this for you. Ta-da!
Tablo: Whoa! This is a unicorn!
Haru: But it has no wings.
Taeyang: He’s a baby so it doesn’t have it yet…!
Haru: But what about that? *pointing at another unicorn doll in back which has wings.
Taeyang: That… She’s mommy!
Haru: WHY?

Haru: But she doesn’t have a horn. He has a horn but not wings.
Taeyang: The horn he has… it will turn into wings!

Haru: He has yellow hair.
Taeyang: His mom dyed his hair, probably.

Haru: But why didn’t she dye her hair?
Taeyang: She can’t, she’s scared that it would make her bald.

Tablo: Taeyang, You brought her one gift and you’re asked 100 questions…
Taeyang: Yes….
Haru: Why his hair on front and back are both dyed?
Taeyang: Mother’s good taste. If only the front hair was dyed, it would be strange.

Tablo: You should answer 500 more questions so we will make you a dinner.
Taeyang: What are we having?
Tablo: Pasta! [*ramen actually]

Haru: Which one do you like among these fish stickers?
Taeyang: I think this one’s pretty.
Haru: Don’t you prefer a starfish? Cos this starfish was a meteor, fallen from a star.
Taeyang: Oh, so what are you gonna do w/ it?
Haru put the sticker on TY’s hands 🙂

[Haru gives Taeyang so many things…]

Haru: You can have whatever you want. Have this… and that…
Taeyang: Don’t you think you’re giving me too many things?
Haru: I can give you too many things.

[Goes out of the room]
Taeyang: Haru gave all these to me.
Tablo: Daddy works to death and bought those…
Tukutz: She’s giving them to a rich boy…!

Tablo: Thank you for doing the featuring for our album.
Taeyang: Wow there’s meat in here.
Tablo: Tuna, and ham too!

Taeyang: Should I go get some icecream? Haru you want some icecream?
Haru: *nod
Taeyang: We’ll go get some.

Tablo: You two are going?
Taeyang: yeah
Tukutz: What, you don’t want your daughter to go run errands w/ a strange man?

Tablo: She hasn’t gone anywhere out without me. Should I go with you two?
Haru: I’d better go alone.
Tablo: …this feels really weird.

Tukutz: Do you have any money for icecream though?
TY: yeah
Tablo: what are you saying! We should give him, he did the featuring!

Tablo: Haru look at me. Are you sure that you can go alone with Taeyang?
Haru: *BIG NOD
Tablo: Without me? If you want me to come, I’ll go.

Tablo: you sure you don’t want me to come?
Haru: I CAN GO!
Taeyang: Is this Haru’s coat?

Tablo: It felt really weird, worrying that one day she will say “Dad, I can do it myself!”

Preview of next week

TY: Haru, do you like me? Haru: YES! YES! YES! *BIG NOD

Unless where indicated all Live translations are via @Huisuyoon on Twitter! Also check @ShrimpLJY for more translations.





7 thoughts on “Taeyang pays Tablo and Haru a visit on Superman is Back (141207)”

  1. Thanks so much for sharing! omg the way he speaks to Table/Tukutz – so out of this world polite. And the way he pronounces certain words – so sweet and sensual (sigh)…

  2. I swear Haru is so smart and observant. When I was her age I probably wouldn’t have even realized about the whole wing/horn thing. I would have just been “ooooh pretty doll” haha. 🙂 And you can see just how much YB cares about Haru. It’s so sweet.

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