GD x Taeyang are Good, Good Boys on Inkigayo (141207)

They brought down the house at this year’s MAMA and their Inkigayo comeback is a  lower key but fine follow up.  (Though admittedly, the spontaneity is lost when you have to perform the same thing upteen times for the recording. Not to mention SBS bizarre camera editing strikes again…)

The song really does best performed in front of a live audience and is a great addition for their ongoing Dome tour where they can revel in the energy of the crowd.  The best part of the live stages is how much fun they’re having – it just pulls you into their performance. Their friendship shines through in their stage chemistry in the way they just naturally play off each others’ performances and you can tell that they are totally on the same page and enjoying every minute. It’s something that can’t just be achieved with rehearsal and hard work, and it’s such a pleasure to enjoy it along with them.

(And seriously, that choreo looks like it’d be really fun to do…)

One thought on “GD x Taeyang are Good, Good Boys on Inkigayo (141207)”

  1. That camerawork… Think I’m a little dizzy @A@””

    Really digging the choreo, and I agree about the stage chemistry. They just play off each other on stage, something formed from years of friendship rather than practice 🙂

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