Taeyang wins at the Melon Music Awards (141113)

Congratulations to our ever humble superstar Taeyang for winning Song of the Year and being a Top 10 winner at the 2015 Melon Music Awards for “Eyes Nose Lips”!  (ENL was also nominated for Best R&B/Soul song; which was won by Fly to the Sky’s “You You You”.)

Taeyang had a special performance of Body and ENL at the event. Video beneath the cut!

Accepting Top 10 award + Performance + Song of the Year + Other cuts

password: mma1113

For Top 10 Acceptance speech:
“I’m very happy to receive an award for ‘This year’s Top 10.’ [Thank you to] CEO Yang Hyung Suk for allowing me to release an album and our producer hyungs who helped a lot for the album. Teddy-hyung, Choice 37, Hanbum-ie hyung, PK hyung, Airplay… and I can’t really think right now.. Jiyongie! A lot of people helped making the album and well, I think I didn’t do much so I feel thankful for giving me so much love. Also thank you to our fans who waited for a long period of time and have always loved and supported us. I will make cool/great music in the future. Thank you.” (translated by @KIMJ1WON)

(Other translations to follow)


Performance Cut


And Juckdo’s fancam (which I prefer to the broadcast)

Fancam by selbbar

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE his look for the night! Considering the 00c weather in Seoul, his general hotness was practically a public service for the fans at the awards. Taeyang had to fly back and forth from Japan to attend the awards on the eve of Bigbang starting their annual Japan Dome Tour. Hope his health holds up with his busy schedule and the cold weather!

Thanks so much to the uploaders for sharing!

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Thank u everyone and i love u! 💓

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9 thoughts on “Taeyang wins at the Melon Music Awards (141113)”

      1. awww bluemaid that is the most adorable thing ever haha ♥ I also teared up and was not expecting it while listening to his speech and also seeing how happy the Winner boys were about it XD

  1. Thank God for fan cams. These directors of award shows really need to take a lesson in what kind of shots they need to be taking during performances. And I think the best teachers would the fans 😉

    Anyways, the performance was great and I loved his look too. I think I’m getting used to the hair in his eyes haha. I loved his acceptance speech for Top 10 and I don’t know what he said in his speech for Song of the Year, but I’m sure it was just as humble and sweet as his other speech 🙂 I swear some American artists could learn something about humbleness from him

  2. I know this is really late, but are there fancams of IU watching Taeyang’s performances during MAMA or Melon? I’ve been dying to see one! Please help! Thanks! 😀

    Or of those fancams banned by LOEN, is there one? 😀

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