Taeyang gets “RICH” with Epik High

Taeyang features on two songs on Epik High’s new album “Shoebox”“RICH” and an uncensored version of his popular “Eyes Nose Lips” redo with Tablo & Tukutz.

The album is available through iTunes and various online and offline stores (check Epik High’s official artist page or icaruswalks for where to get it and for more information on the album.)

I love RICH! Tablo and Taeyang’s chemistry continues to be a delight (and now with the full Epik High team!) I really feel that this and the previous “TnT” songs do a terrific job of exploring the different aspects of Taeyang’s vocals. Hoping to hear more collaborations in the future!

Tablo had also previously posted a different edit of the “official MV”

I kind of liked that one too but I argree Tablo was a more interesting cameo as a “Taeyang fan-boy” than that bag of chips!


6 thoughts on “Taeyang gets “RICH” with Epik High”

  1. Tablo’s Official Translation from the album booklet:

    RICH ft. Taeyang

    Lyrics by Tablo
    Composed by DJ Tablo, Tablo
    Arranged by DJ Tukutz
    Additional Rap written by Mithra Jin
    Vocals: Taeyang
    Melody Composition: Tablo
    Melody Variations: Taeyang
    All instruments: DJ Tukutz
    Keyboard/Piano: DJ Tukutz, Jung Ho Kyu
    Brass Arrangement: Mr. Sync
    Brass: B’Sound
    Bass: Kim Ki Wook

    She who wanted to fly like a bird, bought a plane ticket.
    He who wanted the skies and the seas in the palm of
    his hands, bought a large globe.
    Everyone hangs a price tag on their dreams,
    But no matter how much you spend,
    your hearts are empty shopping carts.
    You’ll max your credit cards to buy what you want,
    but won’t max your dreams to live how you want to.
    Looking for answers where your pocket is.
    Your bucket list is a shopping list.
    But the life you miss leaves you with no memories.
    But you’ve got plenty of pictures.
    Better hungry than distasteful.
    But your tastes are only trends.
    Easy come and just as easily gone.

    I wish. I wish. I wish. I was rich.
    Baby I wish. I wish. I wish. I was rich.
    My Drive Rules Everything Around Me.

    A friend of mine buys, sells,
    And appraises her dreams and ideals.
    Her account balance is off but her pride,
    Or so called buydentity, is unshakeable.
    No stamps in her passport
    but her fashion treads New York and Paris.
    Life is a photo shoot.
    Every hood, campus, office, wherever.
    Young boys on a rush for their golden ladies.
    Yeah, I’m envious.
    All I can be is envious.
    I’m the loser.
    I’m the loser.
    I only dream on weekends,
    lottery ticket gripped in hand every Saturday.
    It’s Friday night, but I’m standing
    In line with my lucky numbers.
    When I was young, my dreams were a factory,
    but now they are a dime a dozen convenience store.

    I wish. I wish. I wish. I was rich.
    Wanna live without worries.
    Baby I wish. I wish. I wish. I was rich.
    Wanna live like a human being.

    As much as you earn,
    as much as you burn,
    is you happy?
    As much as you earn,
    as much as you burn,
    are you happy?
    ‘Cause baby I wish I was.

    I wish. I wish. I wish. I was rich.
    Baby I wish. I wish. I wish. I was rich.
    Put your gold up in the air.
    Put your diamonds in the air.
    And wave’m like you just don’t

    ‘Cause baby I wish I was.

    I wish. I wish. I wish. I was rich.
    Baby I wish. I wish. I wish. I was rich.
    My Drive Rules Everything Around Me.

    ‘Cause baby I wish I was.
    ‘Cause baby I wish I was.
    Rich, rich,rich. Yeah.
    ‘Cause baby I wish I was.
    ‘Cause baby I wish I was.

    I’d like to be rich in heart,
    but my heart is just as empty as my wallet.

    ‘Cause baby I wish I was.
    ‘Cause baby I wish I was.
    Rich, rich,rich. Yeah.
    ‘Cause baby I wish I was.
    ‘Cause baby I wish I was.

  2. love this song! EH + YB is the perfect musical marriage! i wouldn’t doubt that a tablo featuring or even EH featuring is just sitting there in the pile of YB’s unreleased tracks.

  3. one of my biggest fangirl dreams has been full-filled. i appreciate that Taeyang didn’t over power Epik High. The album has been dope as well.

  4. From Epik High’s Commentary on RICH:

    Youngbae is the person who goes with us the best, only the best in music cause we run to seed next to him. Youngbae is really rich, rich in mind too, I think Youngbae is the good example of the (good) rich. And “oh no” parts in “Amor Fati”re Taeyang’s voice, we used Taeyang’s voice like musical instruments and the repetitive “Uh” parts after Tablo’s raps in ENL are Taeyang’s voice too.

    (From YOUAREMY on twitter. ) Thanks a lot!

    Tablo also slipped and played a little bit of Taeyang’s unreleased recording during the commentary of Happen Ending:

  5. Source: http://joynews.inews24.com/php/news_view.php?g_menu=700300&g_serial=858912&rrf=nv

    TUKUTZ: “Taeyang is affirmative [positive.] Taeyang gives energy like his name. I think he named himself really well. (laughs) He re-recorded until 2 days before the album release. We liked it a lot but he said he will re-record it.”

    TABLO: “Taeyang makes music with a good grace. For 11 years, I’ve seen various musicians but the expression I hate most in the world is the ‘pain of creativity’. You’re doing something that you like so I thought it didn’t make sense to use the expression, ‘pain’. When working I have this thought that no matter how sad you are, you have to be happy. I do music while thanking many people who let me do this work. Taeyang surely shows this image. The reason why I’m working a lot with Taeyang since my solo album, is because we work well. We work with a thankful mind. We think that “I’m thankful that I’m able to let people listen to my music because of these people. It’s enjoyable. I want to make [music] with a “gift-like” feeling not “I’m going to show to the people.” The reason why Taeyang appears in every album is because I have to work with Taeyang so that this mind will form.

    Thanks to @KIMJ1WON for translating!

  6. I went to Korea recently and I saw Taeyang in Hongdae for the CK event. I never thought I could meet him there because I am supposed to return on the next day..Is like a dream come true and it makes my first trip to Korea more meaningful and memorable ^0^

    Talking bout Rich, i bought the album, listen to every songs in it and Rich is one of my favourite. Now that I know what does the lyrics mean, it makes the song more meaningful. And Taeyang was the right and suitable person to be featured in this song. I agreed that our boy is really really rich, rich with his passion and enthusiastic in works and life. Back then I am not that into him until I read most of his interviews and get to know him more deeply, I realized he is different from the idols as in he is clear on what are his dreams are. He makes me believe that if you really works hard and keep on believing on what you are doing, your dreams will def come true. I am just proud to be his fan and is not about fan girl’ing, is about I admired him as an artist

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