Taeyang’s RISE album to be released in Limited Edition Vinyl LP version


Pre order period from October 2 – October 8, 2014 through YGeshop and YGeshop China
Release is on October 13, 2014.

More below the cut:

From YG eshop:

The 2 disc set contains ‘RISE’ LP and best collection LP(Taeyang himself picked the additional 6 songs).

We used a master tape which has been remastered in high quality audio to minimize sound’s modification and distortion and to record the original sound so you can more vividly feel Taeyang’s second album’s tracks and those 6 songs that Taeyang himself picked.  We specially processed the original master cutting at ‘MMP master media productions GmbH’ who is considered  a maestro in the field of LP mastering in Germany and went through pre-test pressing to do ‘DMM Cutting’ which is closest to the original intention of making the album’s sound.  We did our best to make a good album.

This TAEYANG RISE + BEST COLLECTION VINYL LP [LIMITED EDITION] combination contains not only LP, but also a lyrics book, autographed photo,  poster, a set of postcards and a set of buttons which are designed with unreleased Taeyang images.

This special limited album-we produced only 2,000 copies- has Taeyang’s autographs and numberings from 1 to 2,000 so it will be a memorable collections to fans.

Disc 1.
01. Intro (Rise)
02. Eye, Nose, Lips
03. 1AM
04. Stay With Me [feat. G-Dragon]
05. Body
06. Ringa Linga
07. This Ain’t It
08. Let Go
09. Love You To Death

Disc 2.
01. Superstar
02. Connection [feat. Bigtone]
03. I Need A Girl [feat. G-Dragon]
04. Where U At
05. Wedding Dress
06. Only Look At Me

Translations by redsun for alwaystaeyang.wordpress.com.

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