Taeyang for SPUR and VIVI magazines (Photos and Translations)


SPUR Magazine


Frankness from an artist who is garnering attention all over the world.


At the threshold of strength and flexibility

SOL is the main vocalist of BIGBANG but he has just started his full-blown solo activities in Japan. His powerful dancing runs contrary to his aphrodisiac sweet voice. We found the source of this 26 year old artist’s style that has fascinated people worldwide.


In charge of BIGBANG’s main vocal. Has sweet mellow R&B style vocals and his specialty is his smooth fluid dancing. He solo debuted in 2008 with [HOT], this August he accomplished debuting in Japan with the combined album [RISE (+SOLAR +HOT)]. This year he garnered attention when he was appointed as a global face for the Calvin Klein ck one campaign. Proficient in English as well as Japanese. This interview was done almost entirely in Japanese. From November, with BIGBANG he will perform their [BIGBANG JAPAN DOME TOUR 2014], this is the first time a foreign artist has held a five dome tour for two consecutive years.


Q1: You’ve been chosen as a global face for the iconic [ck one] fragrance. When you first heard this, what emotion was going through you?

I was happy. We shot for the campaign in the outskirts of New York and there I was able to talk with different artists from various countries. It was fun.

Q2: And on shooting with Master photographer Mario Sorrenti?

He explained the general framework, and afterwards we did it freely, he has that kind of style. It seemed like he was pleased with me, he told me “the shoot came out well, it was amazing.”

Q3: What’s something recent that made you laugh?

Something that made me laugh…Ah! Recently on a day off I went to a river on the outskirts of Seoul with G-Dragon and our manager to do some water sports, when something funny happened. First, our slender manager got on the large board to ride it, then as soon as my rather large friend stepped on it, with a boing our manager flew into the air. It was like a manga the way he spun around. I laughed really hard at that.

Q4: On the other hand, what’s something that made you cry recently?

Um..My album’s completion. Since it took four years to prepare, it brought back a lot of deep feelings that made me cry.

Q5: What’s a fashion items have you recently bought?

A new season, Saint Laurent Riders jacket and a Dark Shadow suede t-shirt

Q6: What brands have you liked recently?

Compared with how I was before, I don’t really think about brands. Over the brand name I guess I started choosing by the style of clothing. As far as my style is concerned, I know I like “traditional things.”

Q7: What fashion item is a “must” for you?

I guess the rider’s jacket. I’ve bought ones from various brands and out of those, Lui’s brand complements me the best. I have over 50 rider’s jackets.

Q8: 50 rider’s jackets!? You’re obsessed, what other item do you have a lot of?

Um…the thing I have the most of, is probably white t-shirts. They come with six in a pack and when I was in America I bought 100 packs to bring back.

Q9: 100 packs!? Why that many?

Every day I want to wear a clean t-shirt. Since I wear a new shirt every time they would disappear in no time otherwise. I like white t-shirts and when I’ve found something that suits me I start wearing it thoroughly.

Q10: So SOL, when you’re picking clothing, what do you stress?

It has to fit me exactly. It doesn’t matter how cool it is, if it doesn’t feel right I won’t choose it.


Q11: SOL, what’s your favorite food?

Of course Korean food! What I like the best…if its summer, my mom’s water kimchi! It’s delicious because it’s homemade. My dad grows his own organic vegetables for the kimchi.

Q12: Sounds delicious! What other kimchis do you like?

Depending on the season my recommendation changes. In fall, kimchi made with small radishes that still have the leaves attached is the good. For winter, Chinese cabbage kimchi is the best. Next time you come to South Korea, you have to try some (laughs)

Q13: And so, what’s your experience with dieting?

Truth is, everyday I’m doing my own kind of diet. At night, I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, and before I go to bed I drink persimmon vinegar. It’s pure stuff, so I half dilute it with water to drink it. It tastes awful but it’s good for your body. I’ve been drinking it for ten years.

Q14: You’re standing a lot for your concerts but what’s your secret to keeping your strength?

Every day I do aerobic exercise. I use my own body weight for weight training.

Q15: If your house was on fire, what would you save?

Oh, that’s hard. I can’t think of what but…I’d save my “soul”

Q16: Your hairstyles are always amazing, what’s your inspiration?


Q17: Animals! for example?

Cows with horns, scorpions, lions, various animals

Q18: Did you exchange opinions on your solo activities with any of the members?

I always do. G-Dragon’s always in the studio with me, he gives his opinions, he also featured on my album

Q19: On your album [RISE], most of the song’s lyrics are about the lingering feelings of attachment after a relationship is over, is that from your experiences?

It is. The lyrics are mostly written from my experiences. But it’s not about attachment, it’s the lingering of the memories.

Q20: What’s next after your solo activities?

This album took a long time. So I’m just happy it was able to be released. From this I will continue to grow and I want to make my next album even better!

VIVI Magazine


nothing to do ~My secrets~


Not only seen in Asia, BIGBANG is very popular worldwide, having toured through various nations around the world. That groups’s main vocalist, SOL had his Japanese debut in August. As the ultimate “momu-chan” (having a well trained beautiful body) and a devout Christian, you will come to see his genuinely original view of the world.


Born May 18 1988. Birthplace: South Korea. Blood type B. Active as the lead vocalist of the popular group BIGBANG. In 2008, had his Korean solo debut with the mini album [Hot]. 8/13 of this year he debuted in Japan by releasing [RISE(+SOLAR +HOT)].He had his first solo Japanese tour. With BIGBANG will have their second consecutive Japanese tour starting in November


-The foundation, is being by yourself-

I really like being at home. Whenever I’m not working I’m usually at home. I watch movies, read books, nap. I spend my time at home with ease. Next time I move I’d like to have a room like the one we’re using for the shoot. I like the white-on-white feeling. My clothes, figurines, and things have increased, I have decided to go on a “diet” of sorts when I move. In order to move forward, by throwing things away I will become lighter. One of my hobbies is biking, I often bike around in the summer. But, I usually end up going to the office….Being by myself on my off days can happen overwhelmingly frequently but apart from that I’m with the other BIGBANG members so I’m not lonely. At the beginning of my solo activities I was fine, but when my solo tour started I became a little sad….When I spend time with friends, in the summer we’re doing things like wake boarding, and other water sports. Normally, we just go out to eat. Usually I play the listener’s role. When the other members are off, they often do various things and have a lot to talk about but since I spend my free time at home, I don’t have much to say (laughs).


-A man that looks good in tank tops-

I started really training about two years ago. In order to increase my stamina while dancing on stage. I mainly run, afterward I’ll do push-ups or sit-ups. Since I don’t like using machines, I’ll use my own body weight to train. I’m predisposed to gain weight whenever I eat so from middle school I had a “chubby” body shape. But because being able “to charm” is a necessary part of our job, the goal of my training is to control my weight. I pay attention to what I eat. In order to not increase my cholesterol, I refrain from salty foods. Korean food is typically salty, but I do my best to not eat too much of it. The body part I’m most proud of is my back. Truth is, before my solo activities started, YG and my producer told me “You’re more attractive when you’re not wearing clothes, so this time you won’t be wearing any.” But since I obviously can’t be naked on television shows, “During those times you’re wearing tank tops.” That’s why they cut off all the sleeves of my t-shirts. For this shoot I’m wearing one too. I don’t have shirts with sleeves anymore, so I’ll be in trouble come winter….


-The “authenticity” of his music-

Out of my members, I was the first one to have my solo debut in Korea.I could have had my Japanese debut whenever, but I wanted everything to be perfect, so now was the right time. This album has all of my music on it. Past, present, future…. In Korea they call it “authentic” but one of the CDs is the complete opposite of music that had my own identity within it. The stuff I did before….my thoughts concerning music, are completely different now. That’s why recently I’ve been more involved with my concert’s setlist and music videos. In the past I wanted to be more involved, but I didn’t know how to be. Now, since I know how and have more experience behind me I’ve began offering my opinions. From now on, I want to participate in directing my music. Privately, I’d like to do some traveling. To places like Tibet, India, Brazil, Africa…. because people who’ve gone there always say “It was amazing.” Every year me and the members are like “Let’s go somewhere this summer,” but everyone ends up being busy. Contenders that have risen to the top of my list are Bali and the Maldives. The members that have been there have said “I want to go back.”

Thank you so much to urthesun for the scans and @ShrimpLJY for the translations! Also, thanks to tokyo boy cam_27/playbilling/allthingstaeyang for the VIVI scans and translations!

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