Taeyang at CK one 20th Anniversary Event in Beijing (140915) – Photos

taeyang-ck-one-beijing-140915 38

Taeyang flew to Beijing immediately following the YG Family Concert in Singapore to attend a launch event for CKone’s 20th anniversary. As one of the iconic fragrance’s new representatives in the Asian market,  Taeyang held a series of interviews and had the chance to meet up with lucky fans for photo-ops.

More photos below the cut

Photocredits as tagged via bigbangupdates.





One thought on “Taeyang at CK one 20th Anniversary Event in Beijing (140915) – Photos”

  1. Taeyang looked so good at this event! Any kind soul who can share fanaccounts / or interview translations? Would love to know more about his involvement with the brand if he talked about it at all.

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