[Twitter] Some words of wisdom from Taeyang 140911

Translation by @BIGBANGGisVIP

Who cares if the cherry blossoms are in full bloom for only a short while and then fall off
The beauty of that moment lasts forever
Hope our lives in the future will be like that too
Not being discouraged even when we shed tears
And not being tied down by our past even when we miss the old times

By 0 (Young Bae)

Keep moving forward! (Something to remember after the sadness of “Eyes Nose Lips“, haha)

7 thoughts on “[Twitter] Some words of wisdom from Taeyang 140911”

  1. To read this almost got me in tears….then I looked at his signature (I always read it as “round pear”) and I didn’t know how to react… He just so cuuuteee LOL really wanna hug him ^ ^

  2. youngbae I hope that when you feel lonely and shed tears you feel the love and embrace of your family and god and your friends around you. I have seen how hard you work its not easy beign a singer you are human after all. please know that i am always thinking about you and praying that you are safe and that you are healthy and know that you are very treasured by me i am a great listener. if only we could talk. Remember that every cherry blossom that falls is the love falling over your head. Fighting xoxoxo.

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