Rise Tour in Kobe (140820-21)

SOL JAPAN TOUR “RISE” 2014 continues in Kobe with more memorable performances and unique fan moments. Next Stop — Fukuoka!


More fanaccounts and video beneath the cut:

Check her account for more audio recordings from carefreeangel. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks so much to @susfig for the fanaccounts!

Day 1

Ask me questions corner:
– 1st girl asked YB’s phone ringtone -> YB said his phone is always on manner mode [silent mode] cos he’s a very polite person.

– 2nd girl: “Do you have a good relationship with SR?”
YB was so shocked! “Why do you ask that? Does it look like we don’t get along well?” First YB made a strange face then said “SR is my beloved little brother. I gotta take good care of him. I love him”
VIPs: “Aaaaaaaawwww ”

– 3rd girl (a little kid, around 10yo): “Did you forget your girlfriend already?”. This question surprised YB and he got a little serious. After thinking a little bit YB replied: “It’s hard to forget, right? (not easy, takes time)” Then added: “Yes, I’ve forgotten her already”

YB asked for more questions but many fans told him that it was their bdays today so YB went one by one asking their names and we all sang HB [Happy Birthday].

After singing the bday songs YB asked if the male fans at the concert had any questions, and a man in the crowd asked him a favour instead. He talked without a mic so I couldn’t hear well but I think he said something like “Even though I’m a 50 year old man, will you be my friend?” YB said “Of course!” and the man started walking down the aisle towards the stage and when he got on the stage YB and him put their arms around each other’s backs and posed for a pic. This is when I thought that maybe the guy had asked “Can you take a picture with me?” instead. After the pic YB asked “Is that enough?” (Are you fine just with that?), the fan made a face like “I can’t waste this chance” and hugged YB. It was a bear hug, very cute. Then the man bowed down to the audience apologizing for daring to hug YB and got off the stage.

Day 2

Only two songs for the encore: RINGA LINGA and Body, and the last one ENL in Korean

Today when YB came out to sing RINGA LINGA he was dressed all in white. As soon as he appeared from the door I noticed that his trousers looked like they were ripped at the crotch area and his black boxers could be seen. He didn’t seem to notice & continued dancing normally. The hole was getting bigger and bigger but YB didn’t find out till somebody (fans on 1st row?) told him when the song ended. When he looked and saw the big hole he covered it immediately w/ his hand while laughing, but Breakdown was already starting & he had to continue singing. Throughout the whole song he kept laughing & covering the hole as he could. By now we could see part of his leg through it. It was so funny! When Breakdown ended he said “I’ll go change my trousers and be right back!” & run out. The lights went down and the band members tried to keep us entertained running around the stage while we chanted “Dong Youngbae!”. They were so cute! Then finally YB came out, apologized and quickly started singing the next song in the setlist: 1AM. After the song he apologized again and said: “Usually when this kind of things happen if it’s not big I just go on with the show, but today it was getting dangerous (out of control) and something could have happened. There are kids in the audience and all so it was too dangerous”. He kept apologizing but he was half laughing too so it was really cute.
[Before that YB had asked us “Did you get to know my world a little through my album?”… I think we saw more of your world than you wanted ”]

Ask me a question corner

-1st girl “Can you express your feelings right now w/ a word other than THRA?” YB “Wow! That’s a good question!” YB “Hm, if I have to express my feelings right now after the trousers incident & all…hmm” He kept talking really fast to have time to think and preparing his mouth to throw out the word, w/ his lips closed & his mouth full of air like blowfish, then finally said something like “BWAH!” His feelings right now were “BWAH!”. He seemed a little embarrassed after he said it and tried to move on to the next question quickly, lol

-2nd girl had a baseball cap in her hand & wanted YB to play w/ it and put it on. YB grabbed it and juggled w/ it throwing it in the air… tried to grab it from the floor w/ his foot, throw it in the air & land it on his head but failed XD . YB “I’d nail it if the cap was harder”

-3rd question from a 7yo kid who was cosplaying as YB “How many friends do you have?” I’m not sure YB understood the question cause when he said it again out loud he said “Who are your friends?” which sounds similar in Japanese. His reply was “Homie… well, it’s a dog…the plants I have at home, the band members too…” VIPs screaming “JIYONG!” and YB replied “That’s different” XD

-4th a male fan asked him to do MJ’s Thriller dance.
YB “That’s difficult, I don’t remember the dance right now” Fan: “Then do the moonwalk!” YB did it really well. The drummer & keyboard started playing a beat that turned into Billie Jean and YB started singing till the 1st chorus.  It was AMAZING! Even the voice was similar! He didn’t know the lyrics tho and just mumbled “words” but it was AWESOME . Then YB said “I have no idea of the lyrics, but that’s MJ’s virtuosity, right? Nobody knows what he’s saying but it doesn’t matter” XD

-5th a fan on 2nd floor asked “What do I have to do to get a hug from you?” YB made a what-should-I-do face. VIPs “No!” YB thought a little. “I’m gonna send my essence to the girl next to you” Then “Now you’re me”. YB opened his arms as if to hug somebody and one girl hugged the other. I don’t think the VIP who wanted a hug was happy but YB seemed pretty satisfied w/ the outcome himself.

YB “One last “I’ll die” question!”

-6th and last: a guy asked “Do you have a girlfriend?”. YB grinned and made a face like saying “I’m sure you’re all dying to know that” then replied “I have many girlfriends… in Osaka, Tokyo, Kobe, Fukuoka, Nagoya… You’re all my girlfriends!” and gave us a big smile. So cute!

“You must be very interested in what the members are doing, right?” VIPs: “Youngbae!” (meaning “we are interested in you!”) YB: “Thank you!”
YB: “Daesung finished his tour. Did you go?” VIPs “YESSSSS!”
YB: “Daesung is amazing, right? His eroticism is no joke, huh?” VIPs “YESSSSSS!”
“Jiyong is concentrated working on BIGBANG’s album” VIPs reaction “Yeah, sure ”
YB: “TOP is busy doing the promotions for his new movie and Seungri is travelling a lot. He’s on a journey to find himself, who he seems to have forgotten. He really needs to do that in order to to be able to focus on work later” Seungri fans, please don’t get YB wrong. He said that in a very loving way ;D


4 thoughts on “Rise Tour in Kobe (140820-21)”

  1. Well isn’t he just the sweetest man ever with his answers to fan questions ❤ (LOVE that answer on girlfriends, awwww~~~) Is it only YB who would ever consider plants as his friends? Too cute, lol.

    And that moment with the LED is just too adorakable for words!

  2. It reminds me what happened to my friend. We were going to travel, but at the airport, his pants ripped at the same area. He couldn’t change cuz all of our stuff were at the baggage. We all tried to hold our laugh but it’s so hard, and all the way from waiting room to the plane, and then when we arrived, we just acted like his guard, walked around to cover him. It was so funny, my stomach was hurt & my jaw was like stiff cuz too much forced to hold laughs, while his face was all in red XD
    But I think YB handled it very well, in a very cute way ^ ^ …still funny though LOL

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