Rise Tour in Yokohama (140817-18)

Taeyang wrapped up 2 days of concerts at the Pacifico Yokohama National Convention Hall.  Next stop: Kobe!

Press Videos  (thanks to the uploaders!)

Mezamashi TV

More video and fanaccounts below the cut

JiJi Press

Fancams – Huge thanks to YB-518%, YB Mania, carefreeangel and OTS Five

(Also on http://vimeo.com/103834846)

(Also on https://vimeo.com/103842494)


Day 1 Fanaccounts

Thanks mikan36!

More from mikan36:

Q&A Section.
First up is a girl in the front row of the arena
Fan: Aren’t you tired from your hard schedule?
YB: Aren’t … I tired from my hard schedule? Aw so kind ❤
*Fan is so excited*
YB: Honestly, since I’m human too, I also get tired from my schedule, but since I’m from Arigato-land (lol) and because it’s so fun, I don’t feel tired. I enjoy it more than I feel tired.

YB: Next question… the OJISAN (old man) right there!!
YB: Ah…sorry, I meant ONIISAN (big brother) not Ojisan
The fan *shakes his head as if to say it’s ok* then cups his “I<3 YB” fan around his mouth to shout –
YB: Will you come next year?
YB: *thinks*… I want to come next year!!!
VIPs \\YAY!!!//
The fan is jumping up and down in excitement! He quickly hides his face with his “I<3 YB” fan. 😀

Q&A section. 3rd fan was a young girl in the arena.
Fan: My dream is to become a choreographer. Can I create your dance moves in the future?
YB: My …dance moves? I don’t know since I haven’t seen it yet. Can you come up? *motions to the stage*
YB: What’s your name?
Fan: Haruko!
Music plays and she busts out her moves and dances so well!! YB starts copying her and dances with her!!
He starts dancing and she copies him and they do a duet dance- super cool. After–
YB: That’s what my future dance will look like! Everyone please keep an eye out for Haruko-san in the future!

Q&A section. 4th fan was a guy on the second floor.
YB: Next I wanna ask someone on the 2nd floor… So everyone please be quiet! You… the ONIISAN (older brother in the middle!)
Fan \\what do you think about your guy fans!!??//
YB: …what do you all think of me!?
Fan starts frantically blowing kisses and doing hearts and shouting I LOVE YOUUUUU 😀 ❤
YB: I feel the same way!! *blows a kiss*
Fan jumps with joy & blows more kisses.
YB: To me, if you’re my fan, guy or girl doesn’t matter ❤

The next song is a quiet song so please… *he strongly holds his heart* stay SUZUSHI (stay cool/chilly)
VIPs\\??? *laughter//
YB: ? SHIZUKANI (“Stay quiet)… please don’t worry!!
VIPs\\don’t worry..?^^;//
Are you guys ready?
YB: This. Ain’t. It.
(He’s trying to say please calm down but he doesn’t know the word in Japanese but he tried so hard <3)

When YB said to calm down before “This Ain’t It” he said —
YB: ok calm your breathing like this *HEAVY BREATHING IN & OUT* (It’s not calm at all lolololol I almost cried laughing)
During encore–
YB: Ok that’s enough right?
YB: Should I sing more?
YB puts the mic up to the first girl who asked a question during Q&A.
Fangirl: More! More! Like at least 3 more songs!!!
YB: *smiling* Ok… Next song will be chosen by everyone on the 1st floor.

During encore–
YB (to 1st floor fans): What do you want me to sing!?… what I want to sing…? No, I’ll sing what you want me to sing!!
A lot of fans said different things but since it’s 1st floor I guess he can hear them better.
YB: Eyes Nose Lips – Korean version!!

During encore–
YB: I will sing what you all on the second floor want me to sing! Please tell me!
2nd Floor \\$1@%#Y#$!?!!!!//
YB: ?? Please come up with one answer!!! *turns mic over to VIPs*
2nd Floor: \\RINGA LINGA//
I was impressed their answer was so clear.

During encore—
Next I will sing what the 3rd floor wants me to sing!!
3rd Floor\\&@#%$??!2*!!!!//
YB: 1 answer please!
3rd Floor\\&@#%$??!2*!!!!//
YB:… I don’t understand…1 more time!
3rd Floor\\1AM (in Korean)!!!//
YB: 1AM!!!

There was a part where he played the keyboard while singing and acoustic version of You’re My + I Need A Girl so everyone was quiet. Then in the middle he stops playing, looks up at us and says –
YB: Isnt this sweet?
VIPs \\*laughing* YEAH~!!//
YB continues to play ~

From: tomoecho_n524
Meet & Greet: Everyone was waiting in the lobby when something came flying down from above… Taeyang was throwing candy at us. With a good bit of force too lolol. The little things he does are so cute TT TT ❤ ❤ ❤

Day 2 (all translated by mikan36)

Fanacc cr: rie_BB_965
Q&A Corner
Fan: What type of girl do you like?
Someone in the audience said “me?”
YB: Who is that? Please show (on the screen.)
The girl who raised her hand is shown on the screen
YB: (With a serious face)…thank you for coming!…I love you!!
His answer was
YB: Someone who is attractive in their own way (charm), someone who has their own sense of “self”

YB tried to leave after singing FANTASTIC BABY during encore.
The door wouldn’t open and he tried to force it open lololol
He tried a few times and gave up and came back to say __
YB: The door won’t open…
He was too cute ❤ www


YB: Really! Osaka’s reaction was better!!
VIPs \Whaaaaa——!!!/
YB: That….More! You should express it more! That! Umm… how do I say it…! (He pretends to hold his heart) the thing inside of you…! That something! NGHAAAAAA!!!!!(Pretends to throw) Just do that!!!

YB: The album took 4 years! My real name is Youngbae! So please give me 4x the love! (“yon” in Japanese means “four”)
YB: How many times?
Audience: \\4x!!!!//
YB: Kanpai (cheers)!! Sorry lol
YB: Please throw? The something I your heart and THRA it at me!**


Note: “How many times” = “nan-bai” in Japanese which sounds similar to ‘cheers” in Japanese which means “kanpai.” He made a joke lol
** I have no idea what he was trying to say here… maybe just “please send me your feelings in your heart”

YB: I wanted to do it (the concert) at a small venue! How am I up close? It’s better to see me up close, right?…Is it better to see me from far away?… is it different if you see me up close?
YB: Right? It’s because I ate all the love and support you all gave me and became this handsome!

YB: I’m handsome right?
YB: Really?
YB: I can believe you.

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