Taeyang on Fuji TV’s Sakigake Ongakubanzuke Eight (140814)

alternative upload here.  BBVIPchannel has english subs here (registration required.)

Many thanks to the uploader!

LOL – It’s Guerilla Date with Animals! (And a particularly flirty llama…) We were going to wait till this was subbed to post, but finally figured not to wait to share this since it can be appreciated all on its own (as many have already seen for themselves.)  This is probably my favorite on camera interview of his – he looks so happy and comfortable. There’s just no end to the cuteness of this Rise promo…

3 thoughts on “Taeyang on Fuji TV’s Sakigake Ongakubanzuke Eight (140814)”

  1. This is the most cute of him, just like a little boy! And that llama that leaned on his shoulder…I embarrased cuz it showed what I may do if getting that close to him…ackk!!
    I laughed all along the video….understand none though XD

  2. i didn’t even mind that i didn’t understand a single thing while watching this because this video was so cute. I ship YB and animals haha. That llama kept sending him some love calls, but poor llama got ignored in the end xD

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