Taeyang kicks of Rise Tour in Osaka (140812-13)

It’s been a momentous week for Taeyang as the Japan version of Rise was successfully launched on the market and “SOL Japan Tour: Rise 2014” got off to a rockingly fun start at the Grand Cube Osaka.

Taeyang has said he wanted to take the opportunity to really communicate with fans during his concerts so chose smaller and more intimate venues for his first tour.

Day 1 Set List [via YBMania and @susfig]:

  • Body
  • Superstar
  • Move
  • You’re My
  • I Need A Girl
  • Eyes, Nose, Lips (Japan version)
  • Look Only At Me
  • Wedding Dress
  • This Ain’t It
  • Ringa Linga (Korean Version)
  • Break Down
  • 1AM (Japan Version)
  • Stay With Me
  • Let Go
  • Love You to Death
  • Encores: Bad Boy, Fantastic Baby, Ringa Linga, 1AM, Eyes Nose Lips (Korean Version) [Some encore songs are fan choices]

Security was predictably tight so there are very few fancams but thankfully we have these preview videos via YBMania:

Update: Dancing with a Fan (from YB-518%)

Some of the best parts of the concert were the unscripted Q&A sessions with fans and the little random bits:

From @susfig‘s fan account:

He was very cute during the MCs. He really tried to communicate with the fans and some in the first rows asked him questions and he replied.

“If there’s something you REALLY wanna know and you’ll die if you go back home without asking me, please ask!”

FAN: What can I do to find a BF as cool as you?
YB: There’s only one like me so please take ME!

Fan: Why are you so cool?
YB: (No reply), he just made a face like “What do you want me to say”

YB: My album took 4 (yon in JP) years and my name is Youngbae (yonbe in JP) so I’m going to give you my love multiplied by 4 (yonbai in JP)

During the MC many fans screamed “THANK YOU” and YB said: “You don’t have to thank me. It’s me who has to thank YOU!”

Fan: Are you looking for a GF?
YB: Yes, do you wanna be my girlfriend?
Fan: (dead)

From frank_franky_BB via @mikan36 translation
VIPs wouldn’t go home even after the end rolls [credits] finished and started to sing 1AM together and maybe YB couldn’t contain his happiness because…
YB: Thank you for coming to SOL JAPAN TOUR today…
He started doing the official announcements! (the ones that are usually done by the staff) But he didn’t know the Japanese phrase that came after and said “Sorry”

From yuinbae via @mikan36 translation
Fan: My dream is to become a dancer. Will you dance with me one day?
YB: Then let’s dance now!
YB invited her up to the stage and asked the band in English to play some music so he can dance with the fan. They dance together and at the end he said
YB: Let’s support her dream. No one knows what will happen in the future.

Bass player Joe Cleveland shared a bit of the tour from the band POV:

Tour is scheduled to stop at Yokohama next, and then on to Kobe, Fukuoka andTokyo for a total of 13 concerts in 6 cities. From the looks of it, every show might be a little bit different each time so each one will certainly be a precious and unique experience.

YG Official Press Release here.

Incidentally, the amazingly cute concert tour merchandise is now available for online order through YGEX Official Shop mu-mo. Details here at official site and check here for a YGEX mumo navigation tutorial for non-Japanese speaking fans.


3 thoughts on “Taeyang kicks of Rise Tour in Osaka (140812-13)”

  1. YAY fancams! i thought they were non existent! never underestimate ninja fansite unnies.^^
    oh wow. He was shirtless for quite a number of songs omg @_@ and though I’ve always preferred shirts-on-Bae but I have to admit he was sexy, dancing shirtless like that ~~ He sounded good and he looked like he had a great time performing. Also, YB’s interactions with the fans were so cute xD I like how he showed his own version of affection towards the fans (aka throwing candies at fans quite hard xD) Apparently in one fanaccount, he stopped halfway of you’re my + INAG and asked the audience if it was sweet lol) other than that, i love it when fans sang along to YB’s songs 🙂

    ps: what a grueling schedule!It seemed like YB lot some weight, he was noticeably thinner than during the ENL promotions.

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