Lee Min Ki and Yeo Jin Goo are fans of RISE (140802)

Actors Lee Min Ki and Yeo Ji Goo were recently interviewed on the set of their movie “Shoot My Heart” by Entertainment Relay and they revealed that they were both fans of Taeyang!

Translation below the cut

When trying to find things in common, Lee Min Ki revealed himself to have blood type A while Yeo Jin Goo was revealed to have blood type O. When reporter (Rainbow’s Jisook) asked if they have the same taste in music, Yeo Jin Goo shared, “[Lee Min Ki] hyung and I have both fallen into Taeyang’s music [lately].”

Yeo Jin Goo:  We are both really into Taeyang’s music.
Lee Min Ki: I am listening to entire the entire album.
Yeo Jin Goo: I bought a CD.
Lee Min Ki: I bought it FIRST.
Jisook:  Haha, He specifically pointed out that he bought it before you.
Yeo Jin Goo: He is very detail oriented.
Jisook: I might be able to get an autograph from Taeyang-ssi later.
Yeo Jin Goo: Oh mine too!
Lee Min Ki: Why don’t we hand over our CD cases already to her?
Jisook: OK, I will try.
Yeo Jin Goo: Please bring me the CD now!

Narrator: “They brought the CD as soon as the interview was over. Haha I almost forgot they are actually celebrities themselves.”

Lee Min Ki: The one has a scratch inside is Jin Goo’s
Yeo Jin Goo: What?
Narrator: “Obviously Lee Min Ki ssi is a typical Blood type A.”

Jisook: Yes, there is a minor scratch.
Yeo Jin Goo: I didn’t mean it!

PD: Would you like to send the video message to Taeyang-ssi?
Lee Min Ki and Yeo Jin Goo: (Both shyly ran away)

Narrator: Jisook from Rainbow did it! She successfully got the autograph from Taeyang and delivered to them!

Translation from allkpop and lolliandpurple for alwaystaeyang.wordpress.com. Please credit in full. Thank you to 핑끄 for the upload!


2 thoughts on “Lee Min Ki and Yeo Jin Goo are fans of RISE (140802)”

  1. I’m a fan of both Lee Min Ki and Yeo Jin Goo so this is really, a great news hahaha xD what’s better than my faves liking my bias’ songs? :*

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