YG Cover Project #3: Lydia Paek has an answer for “Eyes Nose Lips”

I’ve been expecting a girl’s answer to Taeyang’s song for a while now — and now we have it!

Can we look forward to another mash-up with Taeyang and Lydia answering each other in a live performance? Would be an interesting way to switch it up!  (And I love all these english covers! Taeyang should send out his own english version soon.)



4 thoughts on “YG Cover Project #3: Lydia Paek has an answer for “Eyes Nose Lips””

  1. Lydia would have definitely been my first choice in YG to do the girl’s answer to YB’s song – and I loved her take on the girl’s perspective. It’s also nice that she and YB are close from having worked together in the studio – too bad that none of the songs they worked on together made the cut for RIse. At least we have this 🙂

  2. I really like this version. I would have to say it’s probably my favorite out of the three. I really love Lydia’s voice and the concept of the video is so good too. I really like how they’ve kept things so simple with all these covers.

    And I agree that a live performance of her and YB together would be awesome 🙂

  3. Lydia has always been great in making covers, she always has her own interpretation of songs..but among the 3 covers I would still prefer Tablo’s version. But ya, it would be great if get to see them performing this together..maybe this week SBS performance we get to see something new?

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