YG Cover Project #3: Lydia Paek has an answer for “Eyes Nose Lips”

I’ve been expecting a girl’s answer to Taeyang’s song for a while now — and now we have it!

Can we look forward to another mash-up with Taeyang and Lydia answering each other in a live performance? Would be an interesting way to switch it up!  (And I love all these english covers! Taeyang should send out his own english version soon.)


4 thoughts on “YG Cover Project #3: Lydia Paek has an answer for “Eyes Nose Lips””

  1. Lydia would have definitely been my first choice in YG to do the girl’s answer to YB’s song – and I loved her take on the girl’s perspective. It’s also nice that she and YB are close from having worked together in the studio – too bad that none of the songs they worked on together made the cut for RIse. At least we have this 🙂

  2. I really like this version. I would have to say it’s probably my favorite out of the three. I really love Lydia’s voice and the concept of the video is so good too. I really like how they’ve kept things so simple with all these covers.

    And I agree that a live performance of her and YB together would be awesome 🙂

  3. I love Lydia. I’m glad YG utilized her and had her do this. Loved that it was from the girl’s perspective.

    English covers are always great for us! Hahah.

  4. Lydia has always been great in making covers, she always has her own interpretation of songs..but among the 3 covers I would still prefer Tablo’s version. But ya, it would be great if get to see them performing this together..maybe this week SBS performance we get to see something new?

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