Taeyang for 1st Look Magazine: “Rise Again” – Photos (July 2014)

1st Look 6

Well…Damn.   I LOVE IT!

From 1st Look Magazine. Click on any of the thumbnails to start the slideshow.

Behind the Scenes (RISE again, 태양 Moment)


More Magazine Scans from YBMania:

6 thoughts on “Taeyang for 1st Look Magazine: “Rise Again” – Photos (July 2014)”

  1. These magazines will be the death of me. I have a particular weakness for YB with his hair down and I’m just a melted puddle of fangirl happiness at all this perfection. And the colors — such a rarity! That last photo of him just standing there in his jeans just about does me in….

  2. he looked great in this shoot! one of my favs! i wonder if it was killing him having his hair in his eyes though lol

  3. I’m not a fan of the hair in these pictures. It bugs me when hair is in people’s eyes cause I just have the urge to want to brush it back haha. With that being said though it still doesn’t stop YB from looking amazing in these photos. Very drool worthy 🙂

    1. Yeah, YB understandably hates having his hair in his face too (a factor in all his previous hairstyles) so these photoshoots are probably the only time we’ll get to see it this way. Which makes these rare times all the more squee-worthy.

  4. GDI!!! Dong UNFFFFbae.

    He’s just been KILLING these magazine photoshoots and this is know different. Love love LOVE the hair!!!

    That one of him in jeans and white sweater, standing against the wall…..totally slayed by it.

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