Taeyang continues to charm with “Eyes Nose Lips” on MCountdown (140717)

Taeyang had a special “Triple Crown” stage today on MCountdown for “Eyes Nose Lips.”(I’m guessing this means performing the song without being included in the list of nominations since he’s already won the maximum. Unfortunately, it also means that we don’t get an opportunity for one of his endearing encores, but hopefully ChMPD has some other extra video goodies in store. )

It’s no surprise that Taeyang is continuing to promote “Eyes Nose Lips” considering the continuing popularity of the song but other songs on the album could do with some more exposure too. A special stage of “Let Go” or one of the other songs (especially fan favorite “Love You To Death”) might not be a bad idea at this point, since he may have to wrap up Korean promotions soon to prepare for his Japan tour. Considering fan excitement over the promised repackage, it may also be that he has more planned when it is released. It certainly wouldn’t hurt though to introduce the rest of the general public to some of the other songs right now and do more intensive promotion beyond his regular fanbase.

Many thanks to the uploader!

Taeyang greeting fans on the way out from Mnet Studios :



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