Taeyang puts a twist on ‘Eyes Nose Lips’ for SBS Inkigayo (140713)

Not really sold on this arrangement (and the sound engineer done goofed in the mix.) Just a bit too much going on for me and not all of it gelled together –  I much prefer the simplicity of the original.  That said, it was still a good performance and I look forward to more remixes..

One thing I love about his solos is how much Taeyang seems ‘himself’ without need of the fantastic concepts that is popular in kpop for each promo cycle.  His styling and album theme concepts tend to be simpler and closer to his normal everyday self.  It feels like each promo is an invitation to fans to get to know him better and how he is doing nowadays, hence he doesn’t stray far from being his “real” self.

It’s especially appropriate with a song like “Eyes, Nose, Lips” where he seems to be baring his heart each time he sings.  I always feel like its really Dong Young Bae up there singing “for himself” and I really appreciate the subtleties that distinguishes each performance from another.

2 thoughts on “Taeyang puts a twist on ‘Eyes Nose Lips’ for SBS Inkigayo (140713)”

  1. Watching this performance, one part of GQ interview came to my mind.

    ‘Whether it’s through this album, or through each and every performance, or, even through any misunderstanding and by clearing up the misunderstanding, I hope it’s all a process of approaching my true self as an artist. Whether through inner struggle or through traveling, ultimately, my disposition or color as a musician is going to keep growing stronger. No matter the song, I want to persuade people with music and project myself within it.’

  2. I love how much YB gave in every performance for this song. Each performance felt sincere and honest 🙂

    About this new spin though, I don’t really like it too but this is probably due to the the quality of audio for today’s performance. SBS usually does better than this so i wasn’t able to enjoy the new arrangement ><

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