Taeyang’s BTS of MCountdown 140619 (from Mnet Japan) – with translation

See the full performance here.

Thanks to kirishiura for the upload!  Partial translations (Korean parts only) below the cut:

(Introduction by Narrator)

Q: You’ve been seen in Hongdae area last week right after you won #1 here in MCD.
TY: Yes. I went out on ‘Guerilla concert’, no. sorry ‘Guerilla date’.
Q: How did it go?
TY: I did lots of autographs, handshakes, hugs and talks.
Q: You must have been thrilled.
TY: It was really refreshing to meet my fans on the street not the stage. I haven’t felt this direct feedback from fans for long time.  Seeing my fans’ love toward me and my music made me so happy.
Q: You seem so happy during this promotion.
TY: After a long wait, album came out and it was received well. This makes me so happy.

GwangHee: Oh! Taeyang! Nice to meet you! How have you been?
TY: I am good.
Gwanghee: Eyes, nose, lips baby! See you in there!
TY: Haha. Gwanghee
Q: You two seem so close?
TY: In fact, not really. Haha we’ve met only twice. Gwanghee is very friendly and always good to me.

Q: You performed on a very special stage last week, what should we expect this week?
TY: While I was focusing on the stage and other things last week, I would like to show you good live music today.

(clip of MCD performance of Eyes, Nose, Lips)

TY: Since I have performed many times in MCD, I am getting so comfortable performing here.

Q: Do you know Akdong Musican is only musician who achieved Triple Crown this year?
TY: So I should be the second one after AkMu?

TY: If I win again today, I will dance randomly. Hope I can get to dance later!

(clip of announcement of #1)

TY Thank you Speech: Thank you so much! To my fans, and my parents!

TY: I can’t be happier. Many people who worked with me made this possible. I truly appreciate it. I will work harder and give back to you with good music.
Q: Next week?
TY: Of course it would be great if I could win next week for 3 times in a row! Thank you!

(Encore Stage clip)

Translations by lollipurple for alwaystaeyang.wordpress.com.  Please do not remove credit.

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