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Ad below might be a little risque for younger viewers, think twice if you are below 18!

You know as much as we do at this point. Taeyang joins models and other celebrities such as producer/artist Dev Hynes, Friends singer Samantha Urbani, twins Say Lou Lou, producer Evian Christ, actor/musician SoKo and alt R&B artist Kelala  in this hipsterish shoot by Mario Sorrenti.

From Harper’s Bazaar:

Featuring no less than 23 musicians, models, artists, and photographers

“In honor of its 20th anniversary, Calvin Klein’s ck one (the first ever unisex fragrance), has debuted a new global campaign inspired by #selfies and Snapchat. Shot by Mario Sorrenti in New York, the campaign features a diverse range of emerging talent including musicians Dev Hynes, Say Lou Lou, Evian Christ, fashion photograpger Michael Bailey Gates, and models Edie Campbell, Jing Wen, Stephen James, and Ali Michael.

Shot from the perspective of a #selfie, the campaign will also focus on Snapchat and Tumblr, featuring behind-the-scenes images and videos from which consumers can discover more about the cast and campaign shoot. Proving that once again, Calvin Klein’s ck one is suitable for everyone.”

From Osen via YG-Life

BIGBANG’s TAEYANG has been selected as the face of “CK ONE”, a unisex perfume product of American fashion brand Calvin Klein.

CK ONE’s new global campaign in which TAEYANG appears as a model, is a special project to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the launching of the perfume. The campaign was released on the 1st of  this month.

The project was mainly carried out by “Monther New York”, which is an advertisement and creative agency as well as a studio for Calvin Klein. Plus, it was shot in New York by Mario Sorrenti, who created a sensation with Calvin Klein Obsession, in which Kate Moss appeared. The new campaign of Calvin Klein catches eyes by showing rookie models, artists, and musicians, while maintaining the brand’s tradition.

In the campaign, TAEYANG takes rank with celebrities from a wide variety of fields, including singer-songwriter Dev Hynes, singer Samantha Urbani, sister singers Sya Lou Lou, electric-pop singer Kelela, electronic artist/producer Evian Christ, singer/actress Soko, artist Ally Marzella, fashion photographer Michael Bailey Gates, photographer/fashion designer Petra Collins, and model Edie Campbell.

As the core element of the campaign series has always been music, a number of musicians took part in it. TAEYANG is the only K-Pop star among those musicians.

The ad campaign tracks the story of every model. In TV campaign, models show their own stories and their journey to find out a way to express themselves, in a digital method. Print ad of the campaign displays images of the models expressing their ego through self-portrait collage.

Calvin Klein’s CEO Steven Shiffman said, “The new ad campaign suggests a new horizon of our symbolic CK ONE franchise. The campaign celebrates the tradition of the original campaign, while displaying a wide variety of personalities of the young generation today.”

It is worthwhile to look forward to what new appeal TAEYANG will show in the campaign, adding to his unique charisma as a K-Pop star.

5 thoughts on “Taeyang in new CK One Campaign”

  1. Not diggin Mario Sorrenti’s work on this but I can’t quibble with the casting. Looks like they are going with non-mainstream celebs and artists. It’s a really cool group from all over the world and from different musical backgrounds and genres.

    I love Dev Hynes (and Kelala!) though and I’m just excited at the thought YB and he might have met up during the making of this.

  2. Sooooo many YB’s goodies to catch up this morning! My old brain is struggling. Omg I totally didn’t expect to see Devonte there! Dreamy Swedish twin sisters, Cleancut Leary, Jing’s lips and YB’s hair!!!!! ❤
    Too much! Too much!

  3. Even if I can only recognise YB in here I think he looks really really good! So hot. That 4 seconds full shot of himself is so hot ❤ ❤

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