Behind the Scenes of VOGUE Korea JULY 2014 (aka the BODY MV)

Or check it out in HQ on Vogue TV.

La Dolce Vita
VOGUE KOREA Fashion Film
2014. JULY

Film Director Daniel Jon
Creative Director Lee Ji Ah
Photo Director Hong Jang Hyun
Model Choi A-ra, Yeo Hye Won, Jung Ho Yeon, Hwang Se On
Stylist Gee Eun
Hair Stylist Kim Tae Hyun@Leekaja Hairbis
Make-up Artist Lim Hyea Kyung
Set Da;rak
Edit assistant Ini Choi

Music TAE YANG – Body

So we didn’t get a “real” MV but I’ll take this adorably dorky and sexy video just the same.  Taeyang has just been busting out with cuteness and playfulness lately and this time is no different.  Behind the camera is an apparently an entirely different vibe from the final product!

Here was the teaser for that video:

3 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes of VOGUE Korea JULY 2014 (aka the BODY MV)”

  1. This may have not been an official MV, but I loved it. Especially the end part where they seemed to just be having their own dance party haha.

  2. I’d still say i’m not fond of the concept but I really like the video for it’s playfulness ^^

  3. I don’t know why, but I loved this soo much. I was sporting a big stupid smile while watching it. Is it just me, or is he getting even more attractive (is that even possible?) with age. SO HOOTTTTT.

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