Taeyang sings “Eyes Nose Lips” on Inkigayo (140629)

Taeyang looked fantastic and sounded good inspite of the poor sound mixing. (I felt that the background music drowned out the sound of his mic a bit.) SBS made up for it with a very pretty stage though.

I’m not sure how many more times he will perform on the weekend Music Shows after this since he’s promised that he will be focusing more on live events (and has other surprises planned.) Considering how much more exciting the live shows are, I don’t really blame him for preferring those too.

He promised to buy fans ice cream if he won #1 for the day (Congratulations to Beast by the way) but bought it for them anyway  because he’s really sweet like that 🙂


6 thoughts on “Taeyang sings “Eyes Nose Lips” on Inkigayo (140629)”

    1. Yea YG released a whole extensive merchandise line when GD’s OOAK album came out, I hope they will do the same for Rise! I would happily collect any t shirt, towel or stationary with the Rise related logo on them, the graphics are awesome!

    2. I want a Rise hoodie! Or yea any of those shirts he’s been wearing. His style for this promotion has been on point, simple but hot and he’s rocking it so I think they can come up with few great ideas for merchandises 😀 I won’t mind a teddy bear Rise ver since I hated the TY teddy bear (with those damn braids!) they sold for fanmeet events. .

      1. YB at these events have been so precious. He’s just so happy…it makes me so warm and fuzzy inside. And repackage album pleaaaasseee.

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