Taeyang at Seoul High Touch Event (140629)

Seou High Touch 2

Taeyang was all kinds of adorable at the High Touch event in YeongdeungpoTimes Square in Seoul. Looking like he could be your super hot and super cute boyfriend, he met with, joked with and answered questions for fans and did some impromptu performances at their request.

He even bought everyone ice cream from Baskin Robbins, tweeting  “Today was fun!!:) Enjoy some ice cream! Eat twice!”

There’s a deluge of adorable photos and fancams from the event, so here just a small sampling:


Translation for this Juckdo fancam  from lolliandpurple:

 Q: What is fan to Taeyang?

TY: It’s a great question! When I just debuted I didn’t truly understand how my fans feel since I was young and busy working. But as I got older,  I realized my fans are the reason that I keep on going and work hard. They are the best motivation/inspiration for me. Thank you! This album wouldn’t be possible without you. Also Bigbang’s huge success in Korea and international recognition is made possible by fans like you!

TY: I will take the last question.  Please ask me something as nutritious as wholegrain rice. (T/N: hahaha at the unique sense of humor)

Q: When will the repackage album be released?

TY: Ah, repackage album – we are currently working on it. But as you all know, I can’t tell you more details yet. We will have a good outcome so please keep sending me love and support.  I love you all!

I had such a great time today, have a safe trip back home and stay healthy in hot weather. To all those students who came out today, I really appreciated that you joined us despite the ongoing final exam. I hope today’s memory helps you work hard. Thank you and I love you! 

More fancams from PlanetYB’s playlist

And how does Taeyang do a High Touch?

#태양 #하이터치회 #악수 #빅뱅 #동영배 #귀여워 멋있어 헐

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타임스퀘어에 오고싶더라~오늘!!!😍#타임퀘어#영배#태양

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Some Official Photos  (Check out and “like” the rest on Taeyang’s Official Facebook)

Seoul ht Fb1 Seoul ht Fb2 Seoul ht Fb3

 Fan taken Photos (credits as tagged)

Credits on photos and fancams.


9 thoughts on “Taeyang at Seoul High Touch Event (140629)”

  1. So many cute fanaccounts from the event! I didn’t think it was possible, but I love him even more after seeing how great he was with fans (and just so cuuuuuuute.) He just genuinely loves being with fans and was so happy to be there he was glowing.

    And that fancam of BODY just made my YEAR. Hahaha

    He did say that he was working on the repackage album (but that with YG you never knew how it would turn out.) I think it’s time for a petition don’t you think?

  2. Goodness. This entire event. Youngbae was soooo adorable. He was just soooo happy and it showed. Are other idols/celebrity this happy doing these fan events? It felt like he was just as excited as the fans. (Omg fanboys! We love fanboys….and fanbabies too.) His smile…. *be still my heart* I love these more intimate private events instead of just music shows after music shows. Thanks for this post. I feel like we all need a place to officially spazz.

  3. Gosh!! That ‘body’ dance is just adorable at all levels.
    And the way of YB looking at fans soooooo sweet. ❤

  4. What’s really great about all these events is how happy YB is. You can really tell this is something that he wants to do and not something he was made to do

    And that ice cream looked really good and probably tasted even better since it was from YB 😉

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