Taeyang in Busan: High Touch & Mini Concert (140627)


Taeyang spent time with fans in Busan on June 27, coming straight from a “High Touch” event in Daewoo Department store to Haeundae Beach for a Mini Concert sponsored by music site Genie.

The High Touch event was for select fans to get a chance to meet and “high-five” with Taeyang, and had a short Q&A.

Q: What do you think of your fan boys?
TY:I am as proud of fan boys as much as fan girls. Since I like ‘manly’ stuff, when male fans like my songs and performance  it makes me proud myself.

Pizza Dance

The real performances were reserved for the concert at Haeundae Beach.  Setlist was identical to that of the recent WonderLive : Body, 1AM, Love You to Death, Eyes Nose Lips, Ringa Linga, Superstar and I Need A Girl.


bbvipchannel has subbed the talk portions. Download here (registration required.)



Juckdo fancams:

Urthesun fancams:

Other fancams

X rachmaninov


YB Mania

Official photos




See and “Like” the rest on Taeyang’s Facebook page.

Press photos:

8 thoughts on “Taeyang in Busan: High Touch & Mini Concert (140627)”

  1. So happy that the event was successful and that YB sounded great inspite of looking a bit tired. The look of happiness on his face when the crowd was singing was so precious! (Not to mention his terrible and adorable Busan accent, haha.)

    Thanks as always to juckdo and urthesun for the fancams!

  2. He’s such a pro!!!
    It seems that when they increase Bodys’ music volume in the beginning, it affects his in-ear mic becoming too loud all of sudden. He takes off one of it, but be distracted by audience screams, and then put it again…and feedback sound geezzz (it even hurts my ears!)…ohh poor my baby…he keeps giving sign about it!
    If it’s me, I will can’t concentrate to the rest of the show!! It kills mood, you know? But he kills it instead, his voice & tempo is so stable. The only thing you can see that it affects him, is he doesn’t move as hyper as at Wonder Live, because he must puts more concentration to music.
    And this in-ear trouble keeps to happen till ENLs’ perf! I wonder if they didn’t have a soundcheck because this is “a surprise event” ??
    But again, he’s soooo…PERFECT PRO!! I’m really proud of him. Out door live like this is not easy at all. He’s so cool, reminds me of a rockband artist ^ ^

    1. Or his in-ear volume maybe too low…so he keeps pointing his finger to above…I dunno. Hope the sound aperator will does better in the next event..

  3. this was such a great idea! Busan fans were so lucky 🙂 Mistakes/Problems aside (which were not much to begin with, just the technical problems) it looked like a great event to be at! I wished I was there. Glad YB had a good time too 🙂

  4. Thank God for fans and them sharing their videos. It may not be the same as being there live, but it’s way better than just hearing about it 🙂 And like the Wonder Live he seems to just be having so much fun which makes me happy.

    But I seriously don’t know how he gets all that energy. I don’t even do half the stuff that he does and I maybe have a quarter of the energy he does haha

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