Taeyang: Loen’s WonderLive Ep1 & 2 (140618)

Updated with Episode 2

(Turn on cc for english subtitles)

So envious of all the fans that got to attend! Taeyang has often said that he likes these small, intimate performances the best and was hoping he could do more of them. It’s great that he finally got his wish — and great for the fans that get to go as well.  We’re even luckier that Loen filmed the whole event and shared it with us…  Hoping they upload the rest of it! We’re getting a Part 2 – yay! Updated!

Photos below the cut

Set list that night: Body, 1AM, (Talk), Love You to Death, Eyes Nose Lips,, (Talk), Ringa Linga, Superstar, I Need A Girl and Body (Encore)

The question and answer part which fans tweeted about earlier  is such a good idea and results in such enormous good will among fans.  I really wish he could do these more often – such a simple way to make fans happy and feel connected to him.

Events like these are such a good companion to the usual music shows. Now hoping for YG-On-Air, especially so we can hear performances of the other non-promoted songs.

Official Photos:

10440798_799977000012689_3249963770726878961_n 10514608_799977080012681_8950643953328344909_n

See and “Like” the rest on Taeyang’s official facebook page.



15 thoughts on “Taeyang: Loen’s WonderLive Ep1 & 2 (140618)”

  1. Loved this event! I definitely want more like these. YB is his absolute best when he’s just performing and interacting with a small, intimate crowd.

    He was so hyper and cute! Our little Energizer Bunny. Look at him being all bashful and shy when he was asked why he was so good-looking. Lol.

    Visuals and vocals were all I could ever ask for. He was just having fun and enjoying himself. And it looks like the audience was too. Two thumbs up for WonderLivd!

    LYTD live is everything I expected and wanted! YB definitely needs to perform it more!!! And Koreans are crazy for not liking this song. I am 100% judging them!!!!

    1. Hahaha. LYTD is the Wedding Dress of the bunch – it seems to resonate more with YB’s core fanbase and the international fans. The song needs more performances and an official MV. Song is super sexy!

      I want to see Body with backdancers! Song would be so cute with choreo.

    2. The performance of LYTD was perfect. More than I could’ve asked for. Beautiful vocals and so much emotion from Taeyang. You can tell he totally feels the song (as with much of his performances as of late. so many feels.) What a fantastic set. I don’t think I’ve ever seen YB so relaxed and “into” the music and performance ever. It feels so natural and comfortable. His performance style has really evolved for the better.

      Is it just me, or is the sound a bit of sync. It feels like YB is lipsyncing which is ridiculous because I know he would never do that. Plus that fact that he sounds SO DAMN GOOD makes it seem that way too.

      1. I think the off-sync happens more at 1080p viewing because of the way YT stores mkv files now (separate HQ audio and video files) – sometimes the playback is a bit off at HD depending on your internet stream quality. It’s much less noticeable at lower resolutions where they store the video and audio together and you can clearly hear him sing live.

        I LOVE the laid back performances so much. It’s the kind of performances I always wanted from him – just vibing with the music and the crowd and singing comfortably. Not that I would mind choreo, but mixing it up like this works really well for him, (That 1am comeback performance on MCD was just about perfect for me.)

        The Rise Intro and LYTD are the only songs that made it off the early album into the final cut. Why do I get the feeling that the early songs were much sexier? I love RISE and the emotional songs too, but I want the sexy R&B dammit.

        1. I second that, the 1AM performance on MCD was so perfect.
          Hoping some of the sexy R&B makes it to the repackaged album or the mixtape if he gets the chance to release one.

  2. Aww. So short! (The other wonderlive videos were longer – 30 min? – and they edited out so much. I don’t mind seeing him do the other songs too even though he’s performed them elsewhere. But I’m grateful they at least did all the songs that weren’t done on other shows. And they tossed out all the questions with the funny answers!)
    Update: Yay – we’re getting a Part 2!

  3. Yay! I’m so glad YB got his wish of holding small concerts, I’m just jealous I wasn’t there!

    I absolutely loved these performances, he looked so relaxed, happy and was enjoying himself. He shines most like this 🙂 he sounds amazing too. With every performance of this promo so far, I’m just blown away by how much he’s improved. So proud of him 🙂

    I didn’t think it was possible for me to love LYTD more than I already did but this was perfect! Would love to see lives of the other songs from the album as well.

    He was adorable when asked why he’s good looking, bless him. I wanted to hug him and never let go lol

  4. Omg. He was in the Zone! Loved this whole event. He was super, super super cute during the Q&A and was totally on fire with the songs. Overwhelmed with all my YB feels.

    Such a perfect event. I’m such a happy fangirl.

  5. Of my many years (since the Big Bang beginning days) of watching and following Taeyang, I don’t think I’ve ever seen him so comfortable and happy performing. It was like he was singing for himself and not actually performing. It was fantastic and a joy to watch. I’m so super proud him.

    (Thanks to the fans for asking such great questions! YB is such a sweet and normal dude. *swoons*)

  6. This was such a great mini concert!!! The best part was that he looked like he was having fun which to me is the best kind of performance. And he really did look so relaxed especially when he was answering the questions. It was almost like he was talking to a whole bunch of friends and not fans 🙂

    And I don’t know if it’s just me, but I would love to see him sit at the piano and play ENL while singing. I think I would faint if that happened even once 🙂

  7. This looked like so much fun. I wish I was there. He sounds so good. I really like the arrangement of I Need A Girl and Ringa Linga.

  8. Love love LOVE this so much!!!! This is really cool! Sound system, his voice, his stamina, mood…perfect! WOW!!
    He looks unbelievable sexy, makes me so nervous & hopeless….those lucky fangirls…

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