Taeyang Fan Events and Mini Concert

Busan Mini Concert

by Genie Music & YG Entertainment

Date: June 27, Friday
Time: 8pm
Place: Busan Haeundae Event Square

Concert is open to the public – anyone can watch! Winners will have special seating in front of the stage. More details below:

How to Join:
– Leave a comment here about how excited you are for the concert from June 24-25. (Note: The website is in Korean.)
– 25 winners will get 2 invites each to the concert.
– 25 winners will get Ringa Linga snapbacks.
– Winners will be announced on June 26 and will be notified via SMS and TM.
– Winners will be asked to present an ID and the SMS confirmation during the day of the concert to enter.

Source: Genie Korea, Taeyang’s facebook

Date: June 27, Friday – 5:30PM
Place: Daewoo Department Store (Central Square Branch) in Busan
How to Join:
– Buy “RISE” album from Busan Power Station from June 24-26.
– 190 winners will be chosen via lottery.
– Winners will be posted @ cafe.naver.com/synnararecords on June 26, 10PM.

Date: June 29, Sunday – 7PM
Place: Yeongdeungpo Times Square 1st Floor Atrium
How to Join:
– Buy “RISE” album from HotTracks @ Kyobo Bookstore, Yeongdeungpo Branch from June 25-27.
– 230 winners will be chosen via lottery.
– Winners will be posted @ hottracks.co.kr/ht/welcomeMain on June 28, 4PM.

[Note: These are different from the hug event on June 26 (below). Since the High Touch events will be in malls/public venues, non-winners will still be able to see Taeyang from afar.]

RISE Hug Event

Date: June 26, 2014 (Thursday) @ 9PM
Place: Jade Hall @ 12th Floor, U-Plex, Sinchon (Only winners can enter)

How to Join:
1) Buy the album from M2U Records, Sinchon Branch
Period: June 20-23
Winners: 180
List of winners will be posted on the 24th on http://cafe.daum.net/m2urecord and http://blog.daum.net/m2urecords

2) For Official VIP Fan Club Members, info on how to join is posted on the fan club website.
Winners: 20

Source: YG Entertainment (via bigbangupdates)


5 thoughts on “Taeyang Fan Events and Mini Concert”

  1. So happy that YB finally got his wish of doing a lot of small concerts and keep his promise of meeting fans. He’s been wanting to do this since 2010 and I like this style of promo more than him being on all the weekend music shows like he did with Solar. My only regret is that I’m not in Korea this week traveling around to all these events!

  2. So, this is the mean of a mysterious blue card in my Rise album….I didn’t understand what was that since it’s in Korean, but there are words of genie, only for VIP & some code numbers. Oh my…TT_TT

    But happy for him. It seems that he gets all of his wish so far, more than 5 wins, 1st on Billboard (1st week of Rise album), Japan tour and this. To see his smile & enthusiasm over music activities are my pleasures ^ ^

  3. So happy for him, super sad for myself who can’t participate any of these amazing events!
    Hoping all YB fans in korea have a blast and treasure this memory with him! ♥

  4. Kind of wishing I lived in Korea right about now. Or at least in a place where it wouldn’t be so darn expensive to travel there haha 🙂 But I’m glad YB is able to do this for the fans there because I’m sure it’ll mean a lot to the ones that get to go.

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