Taeyang wins on MCountDown!!! 140619

Congratulations to Taeyang! Another win to add to his collection for Eyes, Nose, Lips.

More videos below the cut.

Taeyang has another win for MCountDown 140619.  Congratulations!!!!!

Taeyang toned things down for this performance in a simple white outfit (no holey hat! Yay!). He looks absolutely GORGEOUS! The stage was very simple but really suits ENL. As a live performance, Taeyang did an amazing job. His adlibs truly made the performance in my opinion. He did seem tired and sounded hoarse, most likely due to yesterday’s Wonder Live event. So hopefully he’s getting some rest now! But great job nonetheless!


YB is just too precious on stage. He always looks like a cute little kid when he’s by himself. He looks so happy! All of those little movements and cheesy smiles.

MCD Begins

Subtitles are available for download here at bbvipchannel (registration required.)



9 thoughts on “Taeyang wins on MCountDown!!! 140619”

  1. Loved this performance and loved that it was LIVE. (Such a rarity for the big acts – it does make a difference when its not the best take of several, which is the usual practice.) He’s looking a bit tired sure, but the charm of the song is always the emotional delivery and YB delivered it well. I love how the little adlibs makes it different (especially since I’ve probably listened to the song 150+ times since it came out.) I kind of wish he could do the other songs on these shows too since they’re all really good but since performance slots are limited, I suppose he’ll have to come up with other events to showcase them.

    Other points:

    – The hairnet is a concept omg.
    – Oy, derpiest faces ever while waiting for winner results
    – He looks so tired, he needs a hug.

  2. Cheers!! Lets win again next week and make it more than 5 times ^^.
    Ya bluemaid I agree with you, the adlibs make the song different.Despite his tiredness he stills trying to deliver his best but I hope he don’t strain his throat too much. And it would be good if he can perform other songs as well like 1am. Somehow, he looks awkward standing still while singing ENL, probably coz I used to seeing him move around while performing.

    1. You hit the nail on the head — its super odd to see YB being forced to keep still hahaha. At least in his SBS Inkigayo comeback, we had the light/video to distract from him being rather awkward but in this case, they put him on a platform and forced him to stay in one place. Such a contrast to the encore where he looks much more comfortable walking around. If there is one thing we know, YB just has difficulty staying still (and why should he anyway?)

  3. He was clearly struggling but his voice sounded heavenly 🙂 I like that sexy, coarse voice. The scream from the audience are so nice 🙂 Congrats YB 🙂

  4. lol he looked so lonely during the encore. usually he’d have his backup dancers to celebrate with.

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