Taeyang at “VIP Gathering in Chengdu” Fanmeeting (140614)

SunRise Chengdu34

We’ve been keeping track of Gdragon, Seungri and Taeyang’s series of fanmeetings on twitter but not posting every event to the main blog.  Taeyang has been touring various Asian cities with his other 2 Bigbang members doing a set of events that usually include a series of games with fans and them performing their solo songs (which in Taeyang’s case, is usually Superstar, I Need A Girl, Ringa Linga,  and Look Only At Me.)

This particular Fanmeeting was generally more of the same program but I couldn’t resist posting this time because Taeyang has just been on fire with these performances.


These performances reminded me so much of what I’ve been looking for from him since Seoul Soul Festival in 2010. Abandoning the pursuit of “flawless” performances, he’s just letting go and having fun onstage. The burst of confidence and energy,   the relaxed flirting with the audience, and his own obvious enjoyment feeling his way through the song more than make up for the lack of tight choreography or controlled vocals.  It’s captured the spirit of what makes live performances so thrilling (and whew, so sexy) as opposed to the perfection of the studio.  All those years of internal struggle seem to be paying off and I’m more than looking forward to how he continues to improve and play more onstage.

These gorgeous photographs from Sun-Rise on weibo don’t hurt either (photos via DYBILU on twitter.)






5 thoughts on “Taeyang at “VIP Gathering in Chengdu” Fanmeeting (140614)”

  1. Looking yummy. Sounding great! Having tons of fun. Fans singing along like crazy. Not to mention the absolutely gorgeous pictures. What more can you ask for from this? Lol

    1. I can’t stop fangirling over these performances! They’re so amazing they make me want to clap, cheer and wave my hands in the air while watching on my computer haha. (And wasn’t he doing 19+ things to that mic stand? Whoa.) I totally love them – reminds me of Pentaport too and I daresay these are even better. He’s in the zone!

  2. I love this partiular fanmeeting because it was after the release of his album, it’s like a huge weight has been lifted off of his shoulder and he seems so much happier because he released the album and because the fans loved it!! he said he wasn’t “allowed” to sing the new songs but he did it acapella anyways ^^

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