Taeyang on KBS Entertainment Weekly Star Date (140614) – ENG Subs

Taeyang Cut (raw)

Official video with English Subs from KBS World below the cut

Full show (eng subbed): Taeyang’s part starts at 43:00 min

Subs also available through bbvipchannel (registration required).

Thanks to @ShrimpLJY for the spot translations:

Interview Highlights (from @ShrimpLJY)

“People said I look good when wear less clothes, so I filmed ‘Eyes Nose Lips’ MV like that.”

Q : Who do you think of at 1AM?
TaeYang : CEO Yang

TaeYang : It is said that SeungRi goes clubbing even on weekdays lately. He likes listening to music. Clubs are closed on weekdays right?  But it seems SR calls clubs to open and goes.

Q : Who is prettiest?
TaeYang: I hope people won’t misunderstand, but it’s Haru. She is so pretty.
Q : Do you love her(Haru)?
TaeYang : It’s more than love
Q : “CEO Yang’s daughter YuJin” VS “Tablo’s daughter Haru”?
TaeYang : I choose SaRang

Q : Do you have something (memories) that you want to throw away ?
TaeYang : Hmm… no ?
Q: What about this (clip of young TY in Besame Muscho) ?
TaeYang: I think I already threw it away.

Thanks to the uploaders!


3 thoughts on “Taeyang on KBS Entertainment Weekly Star Date (140614) – ENG Subs”

  1. I love that he’s so comfortable on the show and that he can show that funny side of him much more easily. What a contrast between his shy (but still adorable self) on the 2010 Guerilla Date:

    And fanboys ftw! They always give the best reactions, haha.

  2. I think I love and appreciate both of these guerilla dates, just shows how much he’s grown comfortable in his own skin. I liked his shy and serious side during his INAG promotions, but this confidence and relaxed way of taking everything in his stride since 2012? 2013? Has been lovely to see too 🙂

    Totally agree on the fanboys BM, once I read the translation it made that part of the interview even funnier for me – and they interviewed a lot more fanboys this time round didn’t they?

  3. From Allkpop: http://www.allkpop.com/article/2014/06/taeyang-reveals-why-he-went-shirtless-for-his-comeback-shows-love-for-haru-more-on-his-guerilla-date

    On the June 14 edition of KBS 2TV’s ‘Entertainment Relay’, the reporter asked why he went shirtless this time around and Taeyang explained, “I kept hearing from those around me that you look the most handsome with the clothes that mother nature gave you. So I decided to go shirtless from start to finish.” The reporter joked, “[At this rate], it seems like you would do an interview in the bathhouse [shower] next time.” Taeyang joked back, “That sounds like a good idea. Around four years later, I think it would be nice to [film a MV] in the bathhouse.”

    The reporter then gave questions using Taeyang’s song titles and asked, “The song ‘1AM’. Who is the person you think about the most at 1 AM?”, Taeyang shared, “Honestly, the person who I think about the most at 1 AM is my CEO [Yang Hyun Suk]. Because when it turns 1 AM, [Yang Hyun Suk] should come to the studio and make a decision for me. But I think about why he doesn’t come and why he keeps delaying [the release of] my album.”

    When asked, “Which is the memory which you want to ‘let go’ the most?”, Taeyang revealed that there are no memories he wants to forget yet but became flustered upon the mention of his role in the 2001 film ‘Besame Mucho’ (‘Kiss Me Much’), saying that he has already ‘let go’ of the memory of his child actor days.

    When asked, “Among the Big Bang members, are there any who do something that you think ‘this ain’t it’ and want to expose?”, Taeyang playfully teased Seungri, “To be honest, I have a lot to say. If I open my mouth, some members will have a difficult time… I heard that Seungri not only goes to clubs on weekends but on weekdays as well. Normally on weekdays, even clubs rest. But I heard that [Seungri] calls up the clubs that are on break and gets them open. I worry about him but at the same time I’m jealous of his energy. He really goes in there to listen to music.”

    When asked, “The song ‘BODY’ (directly translated to ‘beautiful’ in Korean). Who is your ideal type? Who is the girl in your life who you can call ‘beautiful’?” Taeyang answered, “I hope you don’t misunderstand but it’s Haru. I think Haru is so pretty [can also mean ‘lovable’].” The reporter asked, “Do you love her?”, to which Taeyang joked, “I think it’s more than that.” But when asked to choose between Yang Hyun Suk’s daughter Yoo Jin and Tablo’s daughter Haru, Taeyang chose Sarang!

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