K-Pop Star Taeyang Hits Billboard 200 [Billboard.com]


The BIGBANG member also goes No. 1 on Billboard’s World Albums and Heatseekers Albums charts.

The album title from K-pop star Taeyang adequately describes his latest activity on a slew of Billboard charts. The singer/rapper’s “Rise” LP soars into the Billboard 200, landing at No. 112. The all-Korean set sold 3,000 copies, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

Nearly four years after his last solo LP, “Rise” is the second full-length from Taeyang, a member of boy band BIGBANG. The set was led by the single “Eyes, Nose, Lips,” a touching ballad with an adult-R&B sound. The single also tops the K-Pop Hot 100 (more on that later along with loads of fun chart stats).

On the Billboard 200, “Rise” surpasses previous chart positions hit by releases from BIGBANG and Taeyang’s bandmate G-Dragon.

In 2012, BIGBANG hit No. 150 with their “Alive” album, selling 4,000 copies. Meanwhile G-Dragon, the leader of BIGBANG has landed two entries: His 2012 EP “One of a Kind” (No. 161) plus his “Coup D’etat, Pt. 1” EP from 2013 (No. 182).

“Rise” is now the third highest-charting K-pop album on America’s definitive albums ranking. He follows behind 2NE1’s “Crush” album (No. 61) and Girls’ Generation’s “Mr. Mr.” EP (No. 110).

Meanwhile, “Rise” also rockets to No. 1 on Billboard’s World Albums chart and Heatseekers Albums charts. His 2010 album “Solar” had previously hit No. 14 on World Albums in 2010.

By Jeff Benjamin
Additional reporting by Keith Caulfield

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9 thoughts on “K-Pop Star Taeyang Hits Billboard 200 [Billboard.com]”

  1. I’m so happy that the album is doing well: He’s still high up on local charts (Instiz, Hanteo, Gaon) not to mention the excellent showing on itunes:

    A Korean friend of mine said that YB is getting a lot of praise from the general public and even from fans of other idol groups for his song. She called it a “sensation” and that YB’s album is playing all over the street and in stores like bars and coffee shops, clothing stores and restaurants the whole day. Mostly they play ENL but a lot are playing the WHOLE album. Omg. (tears) The reception is stronger than it was even with LOAM back in the HOT days since people just took to the song immediately while LOAM took some time to get going. I’m just glad that he’s getting so much love for this.

    1. being Taeyang fanboy since 2008 and being alwaystaeyang fanboy until now…

      i believe, i mean we believe that…

      one day, yes… one day…

      he will debut and have album in USA music market as KPOP Solo artist…

      general public in International World will recognize him…

      In The Name Of JESUS… he will success in the future… AMIN

    2. I was watching my favorite korean talk show Witch Hunt yesterday, ‘Body’ was playing! YAY!

  2. I could not be more happier for YB. Not only for getting such a great reception overseas but in Korea as well. Especially with all the struggles he went through just to get this album out.

  3. Loving that chart stat at the end, KOREA’S KING OF R&B INDEED. Knowing how much struggle and frustrations he had in making this, I’m so happy that this album is received so well by the public! Very well deserved after all that he went into making this.

    1. His performance on the worldwide itunes charts are so encouraging especially when you realize that South Korea, Japan and China aren’t even included and those are arguably his strongest markets.

      1. Yes! It’s definitely wonderful to see him up on the charts in countries outside of the East and Southeast Asia regions 🙂 Makes me believe all the more that his honest and sincere approach to music definitely goes above and beyond the language (probably stretching that a bit, lol music needs no languages really)

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