Taeyang is #1 on MCountdown on his comeback performance for “Eyes, Nose, Lips” plus “1am” (140612)

Congratulations Baeby!  Performances, speech and encore 🙂

More video below the cut:

I am BEYOND happy with this performance – everything was perfect. He sounded amazing, and relaxed and looked gorgeous and the stage was good and the soundsystem went right and even the camera work was decent.   And his long thank yous and encores are as cute and funny as ever!  I love how he listened to the fans and was taking requests during the encore — that handstand is like a little victory lap for him and all the fans who were rooting for him all these years.

These performances are making me cry of happiness.

For english subtitles to TAeyang’s speech, interview and MCD Begins, check bbvipchannel (registration required.)

Other MCD cuts from the show:

(turn on CC for English Subs)

Thanks so much to the uploader!




18 thoughts on “Taeyang is #1 on MCountdown on his comeback performance for “Eyes, Nose, Lips” plus “1am” (140612)”

  1. Sorry I can’t keep up with the amazing photos being released – check our twitter feed or our twitter page for more!

    Everything was perfect. This was the comeback I dreamed about hahaha.

  2. Taeyang throwing up the two Westside signs while he was making that cheeky face made me smile/laugh more than it should have.

    The performances were great, it’s a welcome change just having him up there singing without the intense choreo.

  3. yes yes..this time around all the comeback has been good so far.
    And congrats for his first victory!! Yay!!! And i saw a picture of a rice cake make by fans for him in his instagram. So thoughtful of the them to make rice cake for him..Rice=Rise..Kudos to the fans!!

  4. Although these promotions are not as tightly choreographed as his previous nor are they as dramatic with the lack of an amazing dance routine, but I feel these performances have been so comfortable and natural for Taeyang. I’ve really enjoyed them even without the normal theatrics that I associate with Taeyang. He’s become such a mature and nuanced performer and vocalist. We’ve always known this about him, but now most people will know that’s he’s not just a pop-locking-machine, but so capable of so much more. I’m really proud of him. He’s really up to his status as a “senior” in the industry. He’s gonna be here for a while in some shape and form. 🙂

    1. I actually enjoy these performances so much more – reminds me of Soul fest (which is one of my fave ever performances by him.) And one of the things that we talked about so much before is how we wanted to be able to enjoy the stage with him more and you can see that he’s put a lot of effort to make things more fun and involving for the viewers. (Remember that whole Black Swan discussion we had — it obviously made a huge impact on him…)

  5. omg he is seriously looking good here, I was a big fan of the forever mohawk and I’m not even missing it lol He really looked like he was enjoying the 1AM stage. And the encore was my favorite! “Trophy kiss!” Pointing out to his fans and doing a handstand haha he is really having fun during these promotions. I am so happy for him. #1 Baeby! Well-deserved.

  6. I loved the performance of 1 AM. I don’t know why, but the live performances of this song make it seem like a much happier song than it actually is haha. As for ENL, I preferred the staging from Inkigayo better than this one, but YB’s vocal performance was still able to push through all the things going on around him.

    His speech at the end, I have no idea what he was saying, but he made me laugh at the end because it seemed almost like he so much more to say, but all that could come out was yeah haha. As for the handstand: no words 🙂

  7. I’m going to sound all over the place lol please forgive me but i have to spazz (having finals so brain’s not functioning properly haha) !! XD

    This comeback stage has to be one of my favorite. Look at YB shooting for his performance he was happy and carefree and clearly love doing whatever he was supposed to be doing but at the same time he was working so hard for a perfect stage. This YB who is clearly content with himself is so lovely and adorable. All those smiles during filming and the interviews ..(he looked so small and lonely among the boy groups until he flashed the megawatt-smile, also the fact that they clapped and replied ‘oh’ to everything he said was cute lol) Performance wise, YB is clearly at one of his best conditions for this promotion. He sounded and looked good. The stage set up was pretty impressive imo (thank you whoever came up with this idea :D) and like Bluemaid said, they had a good sound system.

    Then YB winning’s speech! haha long speeches are his trademark but I don’t mind a bit i just love listening to him speak ahaha. He was so adorable though I just want to pinch oppars cheeks. and that handstand=abs flash.

    Thank you Bluemaid for compiling all the clips of interviews/performances 🙂

    Ps: just out of curiosity, did he thank all the BB members or just GD alone. Cuz I heard him say Jiyong but not sure if he mentioned the other members.

  8. That cheeky face when he threw WS sign!
    That eye brow when he talked about kiss scene w/ Min Hyo Rin!
    And that handstand!
    He looked so relaxed on the stage. I loved every moments!
    Cant wait to watch fancam from juckdo noona, I know its going to be a good one!
    (Sitting in my daughter’s gymnastics lesson, kicking myself not bringing earphones! Darn!)

  9. lol. Remember this from back in the day? That first handstand (with added tumbling backup from the dancers)…

    Hard to believe he looked so “cool” back then hahahaha

  10. This performance was everything – YB sounded great and the sound system was really good this time round, and the camera work too! Everything was amazing and awesome!

    So loved the dorkiness he had during the winning speech and encore, LOLOLOLOLOLOL. YB always sounds like he has so much more to say but never enough time or the preparation to get them all out (kind of reminds me of myself a lot of the times).

    The hand stand AND THAT “TROPHY KISS” damn, too cute!!!! X3

    Loved his high fives with the fans later, and just loving how comfortable and relaxed he is now on stage, his confidence just oozes and shoots the roof here in this live performance.

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