Taeyang – Journey to Rise

(Make sure cc is enabled for English subtitles)

omg. This was WAY too short.  Hopefully it’s a series? (Greedy…)


29 thoughts on “Taeyang – Journey to Rise”

  1. Oh this was such a pleasant surprise. Nice to see some of the YG inhouse producers saying a little bit about our boy. I would have wanted DETAILS though. Like going through each song one by one – what inspired it? What made them choose it? Then again perhaps they are saving that for when YB himself talks about the album.

    Why am I excited for these webisodes? Its the promise that they can do as many of them as they want, and even respond to fans’ requests. At least I hope so. The fact that they are willing to do this (and with SUBTITLES, bless you YG) means that there are so many possibilities of reaching out that weren’t really available before.

    And in a small way, I’m a bit teary eyed because ATY’s last Birthday message was “Journey to Real” and we basically told him how proud we were to come all this way with him and were looking forward to where else he can take us. It’s nice to know that he also feels that we’re going places together and Rise is just another stop along the way. We all knew it was hard for him to get here, but now is our time to rest and celebrate this milestone a little bit together while we enjoy this album. (And of course knowing, that the best is yet to come…)

    AND OMG ENGLISH INTRO! (So nice to feel included.)

  2. I wish this video could be longer but its better than nothing. I like the fact that this video got most his hyungs and buddy to talk more about YB like what his true personality is. This kinda in a way bring us closer to him. And where is Teddy btw?

    But watching this, it really shows how dedicated he is in working on his album. Like what GD mentioned he is struggling and agonizing. I do hope he could take things more easily at times and stop over worrying too much. Anyway I’m glad the album came out like what he wanted to and it’s really a great album.

  3. Ok… I totally got choked up when tablo talked about how YB would got it over and started working on new song right away. Yeah….That’s our boy….
    I mean I do appreciate YG’s effort for YB, (precious video clip like this!) but why do I get this vibe that YG is just trying to justify the reason of the delay. It’s hard to believe that YB’s determination is the sole reason for the 4 yrs of wait! Oh well, YG never come clean anyway.

    1. Not that they could ever admit that the main reason for delay was that YG simply wanted more public friendly songs and that the album was basically hostage until they could reach a compromise.

      1. Just leaving this here for the record:

        Big Bang’s Taeyang shared his thoughts on releasing his second solo album.

        Taeyang attended the press conference celebrating the release of his second solo album Rise on June 2 in CGV in Gangnam-gu.

        Unveiling his music video for the title song Eyes, Nose, Lips for the first time, Taeyang caught attention by appearing topless in the video as he sang out yearning and love.

        Taeyang said, “This is the second full length album being released under the name of Taeyang. The album’s title is ‘rise’ as I took a long time to prepare and it has been a long trip. Many things have happened until now and I tried to express them musically without losing any of the moments.”

        Taeyang Had Conflicts with Yang Hyun Suk in Producing Second Solo Album

        He continued, “There was a great quantity of products but I only selected the best songs to be included. I felt greedy towards the end. It was the hardest part to fight my own greed but I tried to throw away the greed and select nine best songs that anyone would enjoy.”

        Taeyang also said, “My initial goal was to produce an album that I could be satisfied with. But in the process of making the album, I began to have obsessions. I had a tendency to go deeper and deeper into the sound and feel of the music that I wanted to do. After much contemplation, I later realized that the I can only touch people’s heart with music when I can convey sincerity.”

        He explained, “That’s why the album was delayed. I was into a color and liked it so much that I wanted to fill the album with just one color. I had conflicts with chairman Yang Hyun Suk in that sense, but thanks to that I was able to achieve good progress. Instead of fulfilling my greed, I thought it was more important to present music that more people can enjoy and like, so I picked out the nine songs.”

        from http://mwave.interest.me/enewsworld/en/article/67413/taeyang-talks-about-preparing-his-second-solo-album

        This isn’t really news to anyone who has followed him all those years. Would it have been a better album if he could fill it with the alt-R&B he loves rather than go more pop? I guess we’ll never know unless we get those mixtapes. But if YG’s intention was to come up with an album with a broader appeal than just R&B heads and music critics, I guess they have succeeded since the general reaction has been warmer than in the past. I just hope that YB is happy with the trade-offs and compromises he made in the end. As a fan though, I would gladly pay more just to hear more of the musical color that YB “obsessed about” for all those years.

  4. Yeaahhh … Sooooo … Just release all those songs that Tablo said could make a double CD. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, so they say.

  5. what a treat to wake up to this in the morning, when he started to speak in English I felt like I had tears in my eyes again, what is going on with Taeyang’s voice it just carries so much emotion, I would love to see his whole Rise album in English much like what he did with the Solar International album, I swear his english sounds better than mine!

  6. Wanted the details so badly (now where’s that JWC interview!?!?!), but all things aside loving the English subtitles – and of all things holy – the English intro!!! I’m just so happy to see that he’s become so fluent, still got that cute accent, but it’s cute so I could care less XD I feel like it was just yesterday he was still struggling to speak a few sentences /sniff

    I think we need to get a petition running for that mixtape – what were the other tracks that could have made RISE a “double” CD!?!?!?!?!

    And that tweet, just the sweetest thing ever ❤

    1. As a korean speaker myself, I just adore the way YB speaks korean. It’s hard to describe… but he has certain ways to pronounce “L”/”R” sound, and I often notice that from his english as well. It is just too cute.

      I am all for running a “petition” for the mixtape!

        1. Now that you’ve mentioned it, I have observed that YB has a certain way with his “L” and “R”s like you said, with Korean, that he also does with English – too cute. Oohhh, thanks for the heads up! (and tweeting him!) EXCITED NOW! :3 😀 XD

    2. I love how we can just assume that there will be a JWC interview if there are solo activities. As an longtime follower/fan, it’s comforting to know this.

      In terms of the conflict between YG and YB, it’s not new. I think this happens every single time (e.g.: Solar). It’s THE reason why his albums are always because YG probably didn’t find his stuff commercial enough which is unfortunate because I feel YG can afford to have a few commercially, but critically successful artists. Who knows what great stuff we’re missing out on from these “discarded” piles. I’m still very interested in that darker album that was suppose to be “Real” (what was originally his 1st album). MIXTAPES please.

      1. Lollipurple asked JWC directly about when the interview would be out (and even said it was because we wanted to translate it for international fans) and he said “soon.” So it looks like a sure thing 😉

  7. Never imagine I will love an artist like this since the first long years ago. This one makes me always take a moment to follow his news every day.
    Watched the video last night made me go sleep with many thoughts. And his intro in English..OMG..I messed up my hair for I have to holded back my voice lol
    I can’t help but feels that Teddy, as one of 3 producers of this besides Choice37 & Taeyang himself, has “too many” to tell making him decided to not appear… Or maybe it just because there were many people on the line already ^ ^

    1. I KNOW??? Where was Teddy? Maybe he gets his own webisode because he’s worked with YB so much? Of all the producers there, he was the one I was expecting to have the most to say.

        1. For wordpress it should be in the upper right corner of your screen in the black bar with your username on it. If you click your username. a dropdown menu will have the sign out option.

        2. Not via wordpress, twitter, facebook or google+. So there isn’t a username on any bar. I just leave my comments on this site with my email account in details required below. Now my account always be writed there everytime I open this site & click in “leave a reply” square.
          For example, in bigbangupdates, there is a log out button above comments line.

        3. Sorry, I’ve found the problem, it’s because google chrome’s history setting on this computer XD
          Thanks anyway..^ ^

  8. For a moment I thought I wasn’t going to need the closed captions haha. And I didn’t even realize Teddy wasn’t part of the video until someone pointed it out. I’m hoping the fact they didn’t have Teddy and they have all that footage of YB recording means that this is just the beginning *fingers crossed* 🙂

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