YG-Life launches Counter for Taeyang’s 1AM MV

See the counter here on YG-LifeThe music video will drop on June 10 at 1AM (KST)

YB 1am Counter

The music video was shot in San Francisco and will feature Min Hyo Rin, who briefly appeared in a photo in the Eyes, Nose, Lips music video. It’s said that Taeyang and Min Hyo Rin filmed an intense sex scene for the 1AM music video, catching the attention of fans.

Source: Enewsworld


3 thoughts on “YG-Life launches Counter for Taeyang’s 1AM MV”

  1. LOVING all the art concepts for RISE. So good omg.

    And the counter is working for me properly now. Good job YGE!

    I don’t know how risque this MV will turn out to be (considering the natural tendency of media to exaggerate when it comes to stuff like this) but I’m liking that it will be another story MV! Unfortunately, we know that it’s going to be another sad ending so poor YB isn’t going to get the girl… again.

    Ah well, there’s always Body…

  2. Ack, 1AM release (very fitting :P) but it’ll be 2AM here… Won’t be able to stay up and spazz with y’all D:

    All these concepts and photos have been amazing for this YB album, did he have any input into these? I would love to know. Otherwise good job on the marketing and management team this time round~ 😀

    1. I’m also amazed that he managed to film these music videos in the US without anyone knowing. (And that he’s apparently been flying out and back without anyone the wiser.) Ninja indeed… (or just a merciful lack of sasaengs…)

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