Taeyang releases MV for “1AM”

Cycling through what seems like 6 hairstyles in less than 4 minutes – Taeyang loves and breaks up with Min Hyo Rin in a way too short portrait of a relationship gone wrong. It’s a bit surprising seeing the supposedly never-been-drunk Taeyang on a bender but well, we’re trying out new things…

His tweet is a gem though….

22 thoughts on “Taeyang releases MV for “1AM””

    1. Y’all know they were probably fighting over his hair….

      And I think Strong Baby was more explicit… and wasn’t SR 19 at the time, lol…
      YB is forever the good boy.

  1. Wasn’t really expecting much from the bed-scene, I mean it is S.Korea we’re talking about here, I was actually expecting something along the lines of just the two of them in bed holding hands or spooning or whatever hahaha.

    But onto the MV, I enjoyed it for however short it was, some dialogue at the beginning before the music drops, or perhaps somewhere before the last chorus would have been sweet, like fighting dialogue and then brief make up dialogue before getting into the business, but I don’t think YB has had any dialogue in his MV’s since LOAM, so perhaps expectations a bit high in that regards, regardless, still enjoyed the MV and Min HyoRin looked real pretty in it, no comment on YB’s hairstyles.

  2. I gotta say… I like the video the more I watch it lol. So basically YB in the ENL video (as you can see he is wearing the cap/net net thing from ENL) is remembering sadly the days spent with Min Hyorin back in the Ringa Linga days (as seen with the braids and Mohawk.) So there was sense in having him wear the old styles after all! The story telling isn’t linear but its pretty simple actually – they fight over his flirty, drinking ways and they make up (in sexy ways obviously) but end up breaking up. He can’t forget her and it drives him to drink and dancing in front of burning signs.

    I do like the photography and quick cuts because it makes the simple story more interesting and increases the watchability for me. Together with ENL, makes a very nice pair of videos with the contrasting styles but retaining continuity. Cool beans.

  3. I wasn’t expecting much of anything “provocative” knowing S. Korea, but definitely agree on how far YB has come in terms of kissing on camera, hahahahaha. MUCH better than “Ma Girl” or “Wedding Dress” days, it’s been years since the two MVs, so I have no doubt he’s grown and experienced a lot more since then.

    As for the MV itself, I actually like the swift changes in camera and hairstyles – sort of evokes YB’s drunken state of mind here, and the flashes to Hyo Rin (must say, she’s pretty hot and sexy!). Not to mention that the hairstyles go with YB in “Ringa Linga” and also ENL.

    And having given the album plenty of spins, I enjoy how, like the HOT album, RISE has a story to it too, in terms of the allocation of the tracks.

      1. I haven’t quite figured out how the Intro comes into it, I would like to think it’s a shoutout to every one of his fans that hey, he’s back (“put your hands in the air”) and actually making it all in English, since we all know YB has lots of international fangirls and fanboys ;))

        But for me, the story starts with ENL. We see YB reminiscing the loss of his lover (whom I’ll call girl 1, to not be confused with girl 2), cherishing what they had, but sad that she’s now gone. 1AM for me is him trying to get over this flashback by partying it out, what with the lyrics saying “Don’t think, don’t miss, shall erase you like this today” (from the ENG translation post a few days ago by the way).

        And this is where I think it starts to get confusing.. As I’m getting a feel of YB half in the present and half flashing back to moments with girl 1.
        SWM is meant for a new girl (girl 2) he sees during 1AM, and asking her to stay with him, OR it’s him remembering girl 1 from when they met…?

        My confusion mainly comes with BODY that comes next, because it feels like a continuation of his high from 1AM. So with BODY, it seems like he’s still at a club partying it out. and sees girl 2 (“your body’s so beautiful”). Though if it’s girl 1, then it’s a continuation of his flashbacks from ENL and SWM.

        If we’re going with the theory that SWM and BODY refers to girl 2, then “This Ain’t It” would mean that YB realises that trying to forget girl 1 by meeting and (maybe) having sexy times (based on the lyrics of BODY and what it implies) with girl 2 doesn’t work, and so he LET’S GO of everything he had with girl 1 and is “on his way to you (girl 2)”.

        And Love You to Death I’m confused again because I’m not sure if he’s referring to girl 1 or girl 2. If it’s girl 2, then I think it means he’ll love her better than he had with girl 1. If it refers to girl 1 then that would mean SWM, BODY and This Ain’t It are flashbacks to what they had – therefore a continuation from ENL, coming full circle to the present (1AM and maybe LET GO?).

        Seoulbeats wrote a review of his album too, which I think has a much better written out theory of what the story is for his tracks than mine, haha: http://seoulbeats.com/2014/06/taeyang-offers-emotional-depth-rise/

        1. i also thought that there was some kind of story being projected through the album when i read through the lyrics.

          the way i interpreted it was ENL was the breakup with his first love that he regrets. 1am, stay with me, body, and even ringa linga represented trying to get over that breakup by finding a rebound. this ain’t it and let go bounces between regretting the rebound and still trying to forget his first love. and love you to death would be his ultimate acceptance that he’ll never stop loving his first love.

        2. Omg. Can the theme of his next album just be “Moved On”? This whole stuck on First Love concept is depressing and pathetic.

        3. @bluemaid lol if his next album draws from his personal experiences we can only hope so!

          i actually enjoyed this theme because it felt so personal and sentimental. and as YB once said, he’s good at singing sad songs, and that i can definitely agree on lol.

        4. @bluemaid LOLOLOLOL DEFINITELY agree. Though i think the sun/solar theme won’t be going away anytime soon 😛 YB did say he’s went on dates, but none of the ladies stuck around, or he found no chemistry.He needs to get himself a keeper or I think he’ll keep singing these sad, first love songs (not that he’s bad at them, but there needs to be some lighter material mixed in his discography).

        5. @anonybfan your interpretation’s a lot more concise and shorter than my mini-essay right here XD

          And yes, the different songs on the album all allude to one or the other, which I think makes it a lot more meaningful and cohesive too, and not just random tracks thrown in together (like some, or even most? KPOP albums do, I don’t buy a lot of KPOP albums so can’t be sure).

    1. I want a 20 minute BTS video with all the details hahaha. I don’t know if it would be cuter if it was awkward as heck or that it wasn’t awkward at all 😉

  4. This is my theory. Intro-Rise is the dawning of the night possibly midnight as well as a shout to the fans in setting the stage for what happens to him one night. Suddenly, we see him in “ENL” as a flash foward of what happens in the end like they do in movies making you wonder how it happened. Next is the beginning of the story “1AM” when he and the girl meet and then come to a sudden break up. “Stay With Me” is his one last plea as she leaves him. In “Body” he’s making one last round for the night hunting and likes what he sees. In “Ringa Linga” he’s in the climax of the hype and partying it up. In the end he realizes “This Ain’t It” and starts looking back to what he had and misses her as the night starts to decline. Before the sun starts to rise, he’s trying to be strong and get himself to move on and “Let Go”reflecting on how it went wrong. Finally, by sunrise he begins his morning heart sickness and still doesn’t want to let go saying I’m gonna “Love You to Death”. Then once the next night rises is whenyou would see the end result of the very beginning, “E N L.” -The End

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