Making of the “Eyes, Nose, Lips” MV

Turn on CC for English subtitles.  Subbed version also available here (registration required.)

Rough Translation beneath the cut:

“As you can see from the title, this song is about my longing for an ex-girlfriend. My broken heart… this song is packed with my story,  you will be able to feel my true heart.

This video doesn’t show much of colorful concepts. I tried to keep it simple and minimal to express the raw feeling of mine. In fact rather than any particular story, I just let myself write freely about my feelings at the time. When I sing, you can feel the truth in my voice and in lyrics. It’s a sad song. I know I had a lot of performance-oriented songs in the past and I haven’t done a song which highlights my voice. So I thought this kind of song could be something new. It is like it was destiny for me to do this song.  I hope you get to feel my true emotions from this song. ”

Translation by lolliandpurple.

8 thoughts on “Making of the “Eyes, Nose, Lips” MV”

  1. Omg! I just managed watching while I am driving since I just couldn’t wait. Only got to hear his talking part mostly. This song is about his love! And when he wrote the lyrics, he tried to bring up every single piece of his feeling/emotions of that moment. Awww!!!

    1. Thanks for the translation! I was dying to know what he said…and BM is right…had YB done the MV wearing that leopard print shirt we would have got a very different vibe lol….

  2. What I like about the most is how he use the word ‘destined’ for this song. I can’t think of any better word for now due to my limit of ENG . Can’t wait to see the trans from VIP.

  3. Thanks for the translations! 😀 And apparently there’s CC captions too, the translation’s a bit different to @lolllandpurple but still along similar lines. Finally YG!

  4. He talks quite freely about his first love and how intesnse it was these days. I bet that girl now is like damn I missed out hahaha

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